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*Inflammation of the Gums
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Dental Pockets, Gingivitis and Periodontal Issues
When I was told I had deep pockets in my gum line four years ago (the beginning of gingivitis), I immediately gave up toothpaste and started brushing my teeth with Red Desert® Edible Clay powder. My next dental exam revealed all pockets were gone and healthy gum tissue was restored. There was very little for the hygienist to do except her normal cleaning and removal of some tea stains.

Dosage: Take approximately one tsp or so of this very specific Red Desert® Edible clay, add a few drops of water to make thick mud (peanut butter consistency), floss your teeth and brush. You can just swallow the clay for additional internal detoxification and re-mineralization of the body.

What happens when brushing with Red Desert® Edible Clay is that the tiny, tiny particles (most are two to three microns in size) will bind to the unfriendly bacteria in the gum line and remove it. More info Red Desert Clay.

Mercury Amalgams 

Brushing your teeth with the clay is probably not a good idea if one has mercury fillings, as the clay will bind to the mercury. Although, there are plenty of customers who will mix the clay with a little water and make some mud (peanut butter thick), wipe this on the back of the tongue and swallow with water. This gets the clay into the body where it can do its job of binding to excess mercury and other toxins that have accumulated in the body.

Infection in the Gums
Sometimes when an infection in the gum or tooth area will not heal, the Red Desert® Edible Clay powder can be applied several times a day directly to the infected area. Just add a little water to a teaspoon of clay powder, making thick mud and apply. Let the clay sit for a few minutes or so while it binds to the unfriendly bacteria. In a few minutes it will naturally mix with your saliva. That is all there is to do. It is okay to swallow the clay after that. Try this for two days and see if the infection has cleared.

My Cat has Periodontal disease can I use this clay for her?

Absolutely. Here is a testimony posted on our facebook page.

"My cat had an infection in her mouth due to periodontal disease. After having many teeth extracted and the remaining teeth cleaned, I was instructed to bring her back regularly for deep cleaning. Instead I made thick mud with the Red Desert clay and gently brushed her gums and few times a week. Within a couple of weeks her gums were much healthier and she has very good breath. No more gels, no more creams, no more antibiotics, no more invasive cleanings! I also made a mud mask to massage into her lips and chin and her blackheads were 50% extracted by the next morning!" Tiffany B., S California

What is Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease?
Inflammation of the gums, sometimes termed gingivitis is related to unfriendly bacteria around the gum line which is a mild form of gum disease that can be reversed. When gingivitis is not treated it leads to periodontal disease where the long standing bacteria affects the bones, gum and tissue that supports the gum. Sometimes it is so severe that the teeth are extracted.

Contradictions with Red Desert Clay
There are not really any contradictions that we know about, however if you are taking certain medications ask your pharmacist if the clay will interfere. The book The Clay Cure mentions taking medications two or three hours before or after eating clay, but check with your doctor to be sure. For those taking antibiotics it is best not to eat the clay while on the antibiotics, as the tiny particles of clay will naturally move into the bloodstream to remove toxins but will probably slow down the absorption of the antibiotics. Once you have completed your round of antibiotics then consider resuming with eating the clay. Be sure to speak to your doctor or dentist about taking probiotics or prebiotics for six weeks or so to replenish the beneficial flora removed during the antibiotic regime. Many affected with candida issues in the body have arrived at this situation from continual use of antibiotics.

After discovering the negative effects of fluoride in the body and considering we have enough toxins in our environment to contend with, I have avoided fluoride for about 30 years. When my children were growing up I would not allow them to be given fluoride tablets either. Fluoride is a chemical poison which increases in its accumulation. Good information here.

We are not able to promise any individual results or make guarantees as we are not practitioners and do not know your personal situation. The suggestions above are shared based on personal experience, dentist feedback and successful customer feedback which we super appreciate. We use the clay ourselves daily and we hope your experience will be a positive one. 

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