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Acid - Alkaline Balance

Nothing is more important than YOU feeling healthy.


Ideas for alkalizing the body

a. Squeeze fresh lemon into water throughout the day. Lemon is acidic until it enters the body where it becomes very alkalizing.

b. Celtic Salt Crystals (contain 72 minerals) - This is the good salt. One can take 1/2 to 1 tsp and mix with quality water until dissolved and drink. This forces minerals into the cells, pushes out acids. These salts reduce sugar cravings. Never use common table salt which is chemically enriched.

c. If you can make fresh vegetable juices these contain very concentrated vitamins and minerals and will alkalinize and remineralize cells. 

Pure Synergy or Nutrex Spirulina Powder - Very green and alkalizing foods.

Mix with good quality water and a organic protein powder you like. Can be added to smoothies as well!


pHChecking ones pH can be beneficial for obtaining a bench mark to use as a guide in determining what you might want to change in your daily regime.

I also feel that it is equally important to not try too hard to get this number to be perfect unless that feels like a great idea! Depending on the source of information, generally when urine pH is in the neighborhood of 6.5 to 7.0 this is considered normal. Healthy saliva pH is generally considered normal between 6.5 and 7.3.

To keep us alive our blood pH must stay between 7.35 and 7.45. To maintain this pH, the blood will push acidic waste (toxins) into the fat tissues for storage. Yes, that is where the toxins are stored in the fat cells.

Creating a more alkaline body condition is done by detoxifying the body (removing toxins which are acidic), by eating alkaline foods, alkaline forming foods, drinking slightly alkaline water and for faster results, it is most helpful to use products that will immediately flush toxins out.

Products To Jumpstart the process of
alkalinizing the body

A. Red Desert Clay

B. pH water booster

C. pH booster - Makes very alkaline water to flush out excess acids / toxins

D. VelociTEA - detoxifies and cleanses the liver, kidneys, digestive system, colon etc.

E. Magnesium Powder - relaxes the bowels, relieves consti- pation, assists over 300 body functions

F. Spirulina - Nutrient dense alkalizing food that can be added to any smoothie or green drink -  Always purchase in a dark glass amber jar. Provides betacarontene, chloryphyll phytonutrients and is 65% protein.

E. Pure Synergy Organic Superfood green drink powder - add to alkaline water with organic protein powder or smoothies and drink.

These 6 items will put your body in the right direction for removing toxins, remineralizing and alkalizing. For additional support ~

 When juicing - the vitamins and minerals are in the juice not the pulp. Although I personally have never found vegetables to be something I enjoy eating, they are necessary. The most alkalizing solution way to use vegetables is to put them in a juicer and drink. A Greenstar juicer will be the best and a Champion juicer is another good choice. For more info on JUICING >> 

Suggestions in between the meat and potato diet ~

  • Natural Calm Magnesium or Mother Earth Brand - Magnesium is the number one mineral deficiency in the United States and is necessary for over 300 body functions - also relieves constipation and muscle cramps.
  • pH Water Booster or Concentrace Minerals - High Quality Water is necessary for cleansing toxins, hydration and for re-mineralizing our cells
  • Organic Bone Broth Powder 
  • Avocados - one every day - split between meals
  • Salad Mix in the refrigerator, ready to eat
  • Beans, Quinoa which can be eaten with salad and avocado
  • Walnuts, sunflower, pumpkin and almonds - raw organic - maybe even dehydrated.

Alkaline Food List - Check this link to help choose foods that are a better match for you.

Digestive distress: I always take digestive enzymes when I eat to properly break down the protein, carbohydrates and fats for optimum absorption of nutrients. Digestive enzymes are sometimes needed to reduce gas and bloating. More Info>>

These are not the only things to eat. However, if you substitute the above often in place of animal products, and other sugary substances, you will make a huge difference in your body becoming more alkaline. Cells become remineralized and amazing shifts can take place in your health.

    The Rest of the Story

    I was sick for over 30 years with a chronic condition of "Fatigue," weak immune system, yeast infections and many other ailments. This happens when the body is acidic. I did not have a clue about pH when I started AND it wasn't long before everything changed.

    On my journey climbing back to vibrant health and energy, I cleansed and detoxified shifting my food to high quality alkaline choices. With consistency over time, my body came back into balance; and my pH was consistently in an alkaline state.

    You Alkalinize the Body via
    Detoxification of Acids and
    By Taking in Alkaline Foods and Supplements

    Below Will Show You How

    I cannot speak about specific illnesses, due to government regulations, however if you have a specific health concern and know that creating a more alkaline situation in your body will be of positive value, then the following may be very helpful to you.

    "An Acidic condition in the body is found to be underlying in nearly all serious health concerns."

    What is pH?

    How Can I Tell What My pH is?

    Is My Body Acid or Alkaline? Does it Matter?

    How Does My pH Affect My Health?

    How Can I Lower Acidity, Neutralize, and Remove Acids from my Body?


    What Does pH Mean?

    pH stands for potential hydrogen. It is the measurement of hydrogen-ion concentration. The pH scale runs from 0 to 14…..A reading of 7.0 or above is alkaline and below 7.0 is acidic. The higher a pH reading the more oxygen is in the fluid you are testing and the lower the pH reading indicates less oxygen and more acid.

    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (ideal range) 7.5 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

    How Would I Know if My Body is Acidic?

    Optimal is to have a trusted holistic doctor run the specific test for you (but this is not necessary to start alkalizing your body on your own). A second option is testing your saliva and urine pH at home if you do not have a holistic doctor to work with. Urine and saliva are good indicators of what is going on in your internal environment. You can test the pH of these fluids with pH strips, which are super sensitive, accurate, easy to use and available on our shopping cart.

    A urine pH reading between 6.3 and 7.2 is optimum and generally indicates a body in good health, which is what we are aiming for. More specific details are covered in the book The pH Miracle.

    However, if the first time you ever check your pH, it comes back alkaline, please consider this. Several years ago, a friend of mine went to a "health expo." There she had a free pH test given to her, which indicated her body was in an alkaline condition. Not long after this test, my friend was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. How could this be? Most likely she was highly acidic, and the toxins were deeply imbedded in the tissues of her body, giving a false reading - hiding the true very acidic situation going on within her body.. The "blood ph" needs to stay between 7.35 and 7.45.

    Having your holistic doctor run the appropriate pH tests with blood and urine, can give you the most effective reading. The higher the pH reading, the more alkaline and oxygen rich the fluid you are testing will be.


    It is Actually Simple To Begin Alkalizing
    It Just Takes Some Adjusting
    In a Months Time You can Do a Lot

    You Will Need ~ 

    **Minerals, Minerals and Minerals
    **Foods that are Alive and Vibrant
    **Water that is alkaline, pure and clean
    **Products to push acids/toxins out of the cells

    ALKALINE FOOD AND DRINKS - How acidic or alkaline your body may be is primarily controlled by what you eat, drink, breath and apply to your skin. Most people lean towards The SADD diet (standard american dead diet) processed, microwaved and/or fast food on a daily basis, and often include coffee, sodas and alcohol. 

    These drinks and foods are nutrient deficient, AND ACIDIC creating a burden on the liver, kidney, heart, digestive tract eventually creating disease in the body.


    I enjoy eating meat 5 or 6 times per month. I buy organic meat, grass fed for the most part because animals that do not fall under those terms are usually sick and diseased when they are slaughtered. Their body's are high in arachidonic acid which makes our pH acidic contributing to damaged blood vessels on a cellular level. Long term daily eating of meat assists the blood vessels to become inflamed creating scar tissue which leads to atherosclerotic plaques. The high saturated animal fat is what it is, yet the arachidonic acid shifts the pH to an acidic place. Pub Med Link


    I had a serious diagnosis, which I turned around in approximately 2 months.

    How Did I Do This?

    Personally I chose the fast method and changed everything at once. It was not easy, because I was depressed and so tired. It does not matter where you start first ~

    All That is Important Is That You Start Feeling Better


    ~ Product Suggestions to Alkalize the Body ~

    Depending how acidic your body is, you will want to consider products to speed up the cleansing of acids from the body tissues, as you change what you are eating and drinking. The products listed below are designed to assist in this process.

Red Desert Clay
 -  The pH is 8.3.

  • Removes toxins which are acidic
  • Brings in alkaline minerals to our cells
  • Helps move calcium into bones

An excellent 100% natural detoxifier primarily eaten as it goes into the bloodstream and removes many toxins (remember toxins are acids) as well as deposits alkaline minerals especially silica which strengthens bones More Info >>

If you have any constipation or slow bowels, be sure to add in magnesium powder and Radicance C. Magnesium deficiency is quite huge in America due to the eating of the SADD - standard american dead diet and it works well with the Red Desert® Clay. More Info >>

– amazing product for eliminating parasites, worms and their eggs in the digestive tract!

and Pure Synergy Powder - 

  • Alkaline rich 

 65% protein from phytonutrients as compared to meat, chicken and fish, which are only 15% to 18% protein and hard on the body to digest. Nutrex spirulina contains naturally occurring betacarotene, chlorophyll, phytonutrients, calcium, iron and so forth. More Info >

Celtic salt is excellent for the 72 naturally occuring minerals it contains. 


~ Vegetables ~ Anytime you obtain your carbohydrates from green leafy vegetables (preferably raw), you will be taking in alkaline foods and cleansing out acids. If you can make green salads with cut up cabbage, sprouts, peppers and other greens that you like, this will provide you the good carbs.


Green Superfoods ~ On our shopping cart you will find Green Superfoods that can easily be mixed with smoothies or mixed with good filtered water, when you cannot do the salad/veggie thing. These products are highly alkalizing and full of beta-carotene and chlorophyll. Shopping Cart


E3Live Most alkaline food – The Original Formula

I take 2 to 3 Tablespoons per day.

This is nutrient dense blue green algae which you can purchase in capsules or frozen liquid, which is shipped 2DAY FED EX.

MORE INFO - E3 Live.

pH Testing Strips

** Test urine or saliva
** Wide range reading of 4.5 to 9.0

Alkalizes water forcing excess acids out of the cells

** Brings water to optimum pH of 9.5
** Structuring agent, so water will flow
easily thru cells transporting nutrients and eliminating toxins

This excellent product is an oxygen catalyst in the bloodstream. These are drops added to your distilled, filtered or spring water and are tasteless. It will boost the pH of water to an optimal pH of about 9.5.Water with a pH of 9.5 is 500 times more alkaline than water with a pH of 7.0. pH Booster also helps to structure and cluster the water molecules so they will flow more easily through the cell membranes delivering vital elements and liquid electrolytes to your cells as well as nutrients, and eliminate toxins.

There are 72 activated, ionic minerals in pH booster. This product contains a structuring agent and alkalinizing agent and will treat 250 8oz glasses of water.


****There are a lot of other products on the shopping cart which will be benefical towards alkalinizing your body -

a. Intramax - Powerful Liquid Vitamin Supplement
b. Concentrace Minerals
c. Liquid Zeolite
d. Green Protein drink


~ Nuts and Seeds~

We obtain most of our fats in small quantities from RAW organic walnuts, almonds, flax, pumpkin, sunflower seeds and avocados. Avocados are wonderful choices for the good fats.

Raw, organic almond butter on celery sticks sprinkled with celtic salt is a wonderful treat, and the 72 minerals contained are the good minerals the body needs!


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~ Additional Thoughts ~

Acidification is synonymous with mineral deficiency.

When the body is acidic there are significant mineral deficiencies. Here are several things you can do to change this. What I do to keep the minerals in my body is eat the Red Desert® Clay which reminenralizes cells and helps move calcium into the well as removes toxins from the body. I have been eating the Red Desert® Clay every day for 11 years and it is my favorite product - I brush my teeth with it after I floss, and all dental pockets have disappeared.

I also use Celtic salt as it naturally contains 72 essential minerals. Do not cook with the salt, since heat destroys minerals - just add it to food after serving or put some crystals straight on your tongue any time during the day.

As mentioned above alkaline water booster is very good, and then as always, raw or slightly steamed vegetables can be wrapped up in an organic tortilla, with humus and avocado. AND I sometimes eat raw vegetables or make a green drink with Pure Synergy - adding in Nutrex spirulina for the 60% green protein it offers as well as blue green algae liquid for more minerals. >>

Remember animal products are high on the acidic scale and after years of daily eating without including the alkaline foods, can produce uric acid buildup in the joints. Meat, chicken, fish are between 15% and 17% protein - spirulina and hemp protein powders are super replacements containing 40% to 60% protein. 

Constipation - Magnesium, Radicance C, ground up flax seeds - can be a godsend for those with constipation. The body cannot store magnesium, and it is vital for breaking down calcium so it can be absorbed and utilized by the bones. There is a significant magnesium deficiency in our culture due to the SADD diet. Magnesium relaxes muscles, relieves sluggish bowels and offers over 300 benefits to the body systems. AVAILAVBLE on ourShopping cart >> 


In conclusion, be patient with yourself. Listen to your inner knowing, and allow that soft voice to guide you with where to start…i.e. alkaline water, food changes, supplements. Start with a few things and then each week add in something new. Whatever pace you take to begin this process of detoxifying the body and restoring your pH will be good enough.

This process has personally taken me many, many months before I began to feel good again. People who are less toxic than I was, seem to have quicker results. Now it has become a lifestyle, but I was quite depressed for the first few months as i went through the process - all of that is a memory now.

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Many blessings to you on your journey to restoring abundant health.

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