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"Magnesium deficiency comes about because most magnesium in our diet comes from that contained in the chlorophyll molecule found mainly in dark green leafy vegetables
not the diet most Americans eat on a daily basis."

"When consuming the "SADD" – "Standard American Daily Diet" processed, fast or microwaved food, you will have a magnesium deficiency, as well as a trace mineral deficiency."

Our favorite magnesium is Mother Earth. This brand is a very high quality liquid held under the tongue that is absorbed sublingually, quickly and efficiently and resonates very well with nearly everyone. Magnesium benefits for the body are broad - very nourishing for the nervous system as well as relaxing muscles.

Magnesium from carbonate or citrate as in Natural Calm, is another good brand to use and it generally causes more relaxed bowels. If you do not want increased bowel movements then consider the Mother Earth brand. (Magnesium oxide or gluconate are not highly absorbed).

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency can show up as restless legs, body tension, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, muscle spasms or stiffness, nervousness, constipation… which can be aleviated by adding magnesium powder to your regime.

Magnesium Deficiency is very common even among those who take this supplement daily, probably because of high stress levels and a less than high quality diet. Magnesium is the most important mineral along with calcium, potassium and sodium because it activates hundreds of biochemical reactions in your body.

Milk is acidic - however I drink milk. Drinking milk, eating cheese and other dairy foods can lead to a calcium deficiency when there is not enough magnesium present in the body to break the calcium down and make it assimilable. Calcium is necessary for bone formation, but cannot enter the bones if there is not adequate magnesium to break it down. When drinking milk in this situation, it causes magnesium to be pulled out of cells to assist the calcium but if we are low in magnesium already this can create a deficiency. Cows milk contains about 8 parts calcium to 1 part magnesium which is not enough to break the calcium down. Therefore with insufficient magnesium available calcium builds up outside the bones. It is best to take in extra magnesium so the calcium can be utilized. Once the magnesium breaks the calcium down it can now be assimilated.  Personally I drink raw milk produced from only brown cows.

KIDNEY STONES, JOINT PAIN, ARTERIAL PLAQUE - When calcium does not reach the bones, it stays in the body and can form arterial plaque, kidney stones, calcium deposits in the joints etc. It can also cause calcification of brain cells. impairing brain function.

Magnesium and alkaline water can help with this.

We highly suggest adding organic MSM along with magnesium and apple cider vinegar and Perfect Collagen to your daily regime to more quickly dissolve calcium deposits, reduce pain, stiffness, swelling and help in the formation of connective tissue to improve joint flexibility and elasticity... more info. Extra magnesium powder can often mean the whole difference between a stressed body and a completely relaxed one. Magnesium is totally safe. If you take too much the body will flush it out. The worst that can happen is that you will get diarrhea. It has no other side effects. However if you are taking medications and magnesium, speak to your pharmacist as some medications will not be as effectively utilized.

Magnesium activates an enzyme located in all cell membranes helping to control the balance of sodium and potassium inside and outside of the cells.

How Much Magnesium Do I Need - The amount of magnesium your body needs is determined by the food you eat, your stress levels and your current deficiency. However, if you are adding magnesium supplementation, try 2 teaspoons of Natural Calm in the evening in some water. You can increase or decrease the amount or take more than once per day.  I personally use Mother Earth Magnesium since it is absorbed sublingually.

Diarrhea If your bowels become too loose, but you know you need the extra magnesium, use the Mother Earth magnesium. This form is held under the tongue for 60 seconds and has a must less laxative effect BUT is very highly absorbed.

I personally take one tsp of Mother Earth magnesium and 1 tsp of the calcium twice a day.  These forms of minerals are quickly absorbed and do not require the body to break down pills.

Taking a small amount of magnesium, can improve symptoms often in a a few days - sometimes even in one day.

Magnesium will usuall be quite safe in spite of medication HOWEVER speak to your pharmacist if you are taking any perscriptions.

Without sufficient magnesium, potassium levels can drop quickly, creating a potassium deficiency and resulting in fatigue, heat exhaustion and weakness.

PMS (Pre-menstrual Syndrome)
This is often a magnesium deficiency.

"I am so grateful for you sending the sample of the magnesium when I purchased the Red Desert Clay®. It arrived the day I started my menstrual cycle and normally the first two days are incredibly painful for me. I took the magnesium sample right away and by the end of the first day I didn't even know I was menstruating! Normally my cramps are so bad that I don't want to do anything those two days. Thank you for giving me two days of my month back again! Sincerely, Stacy C. Rhode Island

Magnesium and calcium work together to control muscle action. Calcium tenses (tightens) the muscles, magnesium relaxes the muscles.

Magnesium is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system, having a calming affect. Sleep patterns can improve and muscle spasms, restless legs and cramps can disappeaer with drinking magnesium in water.

Taking Calcium - Calcium is best when taken separate from magnesium as these two minerals compete with each other. I use the Mother Earth Calcium Mother Earth Calcium taking one tsp under my tongue for 60 seconds - at least 5 minutes away from magnesium.

Magnesium is essential for breaking the calcium down to a form where it can be assimilated by the body.

To move calcium into the bone cells, read about Red Desert® Clay

Life Extension - Dimai et al. 1998- Research is showing that magnesium supplementation is effective in treating bone loss. Magnesium supplementation (over and above the current recommended daily allowance) may suppress bone turnover in young adults and some researchers speculate that it may also help prevent age-related osteoporosis.

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* absorbs fast into the body
* restores magnesium levels
* balances the calcium
* helps restore higher energy levels
* gradually dissolves calcium deposits
* relaxes the muscles
* improves digestion
* often gives constipation relief by facilitating the movement of the
* supports adrenal, heart, kidney, brain and nervous system

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