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My Personal Story:

I would prefer not to focus on my past history, for today my life and future is much more exciting. However, for those who ask, here is a brief story of my regaining health and joy and even a photo !



I spent a lifetime, over 30 years with much illness and "unhealth." I am now in my 50's. I've lived with severe IBS, systemic candida, pre-cancer of the liver, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic acne, 20 years of back pain, arthritis, allergies, bulimia, hypoglycemia, diabetes II and migraines….to name a few.

It took way too long to restore my health, because I DID NOT KNOW what I DID NOT KNOW. Decades of unhealthy thoughts, and from a physical perspective, years of antibiotics, sugary foods and depression had created a breeding ground for toxins to multiply and bio-accumulate excessivley. Over time this resulted in a weak immune system allowing for overgrowth of cancer cells, candida, bacteria and fungus. This generally and eventually leads us to our physicians office where we receive a diagnosis that frightens us.

With all that I knew and tried, it never seemed enough. When I changed my diet to organic foods, adding in herbs, vitamins and homeopathic remedies, I was still always tired and ill. All of these steps were very good things to do, but not very effective at the time, because the state of my body health was akin to putting out a hotel fire with the garden hose.

So, I nibbled on bits of chocolate, sipping coffee throughout the day to keep myself "perky" enough so I could work, raise my children and appear successful to the rest of the world…until I was too weak and tired to get out of bed.

Ten years ago, I found myself in the hands of a wise, experienced holistic medical doctor who knew how to get to the root of my health crisis (on the physical level). Using many diagnostic tools, including microscopic dry and dark blood analysis, I began an intense detoxification process to cleanse out the massive load of toxins and yeast in every organ and then the rebuilding of my body. The road to recovery took over a year and many, many, many thousands of dollars later, my energy, vitality and enthusiasm for living had returned. I also gained a wonderful education (self-taught) on how I got into such a physical mess in the first place.

At this point I had the energy to work through many of the mental and emotional issues that had supported my body breaking down.

I also realized my finances were thin, I still had the back pain, BUT I was motivated. I took a part time job at an upscale resort/spa, started yoga (which was painful at first since my body was so stiff) and continued eating high quality nourishing foods and supplements to maintain my improved health. I continued searching for what would eliminate the 20 years of chronic back pain.

All led to creating this website. Most of the products shared here were not available when I was recovering my health in 2002 and are more potent and work faster. This is very good indeed. The chronic back pain is gone (although I have some stiffness as I did put my body through a tremendous amount of stress for 30 years), my blood sugar is much more easily regulated and life is a lot more fun. I think clearly and I rarely get sick - Although I occasionally find myself out of balance when working too many hours.!

There is no one perfect diet for everyone. There is just improvement from where you are.

You might find it beneficial to eat more higher
vibrational foods than nutritionally depleted ones.

What does this mean?

Higher vibrational foods are nutrient rich and carry a higher electrical charge (fresh organic produce for example compared to a burger and fries). If I want to feel vibrant and alive - then it is important to include foods that are Vibrant and Alive as much as possible.

I eat organic for the most part and drink quality water. I do not rely on our food supply to provide all the nourishment my body needs to maintain optimum health, so I include specific supplements using my intuition to guide me. Once the body is used to eating nourishing foods, and health improves we generally stay attracted to these good foods and have less pull towards processed sugary items.

For those who often ask, here is an idea of some of the products I supplement with.

Most mornings I start with a tall glass of water and 1 tablespoon of Braggs apple cider vinegar.  Shortly after I have a glass of greens which includes  spirulina, Pure Synergy and Perfect Collagen.  I generally throw in a few other things such as Radiance C and MSM.

The rest of my regime varies day to day. For many many years I daily juiced raw, organic vegetables in the juicer as this provided a potent intake of vitamins and minerals and helped with the cleansing of the body. I added Nutrex spirulina powder one tablespoon, (60% protein, chlorophyll rich, betacarotene and super alkalinizing) plus a little flax or coconut oil. I still use spirulina daily. Its just so nutritious. What to Juice

I have never had a great interest in preparing food - and tend to graze throughout my day, therefore I just keep it simple.

When I was working away at recovering my physical health I focused primarily on:

A) Raw nuts and seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, ground flax, almonds, walnuts, rarely cashews, (never peanuts - too much mold content)

B) Salad greens, always avocados, sprouts, grapefruits, cantaloupe, lots of cherry tomatoes, kiwis and berries

C) Buckwheat or amaranth cereal (sometimes oatmeal), quinoa, lentils, mung beans, and most other beans which I soak overnight and cook with onions, garlic and a few spices

D) Organic and free range eggs, organic raw almond butter spread on Spelt bread (as I am allergic to wheat).

E)  I love raw milk.  I only drink the A2 milk as my issue with lactose intolerance disappeared.

I eat meat or chicken when I want (prefer organic only) AND if I feel like some coffee or chocolate I have some.

Although my routine varies, here are some of the items I generally use every day for maintenance:

Toxins and Chem Trails

To remove what is taken in from daily living:

Red Desert® Edible Clay a heaping tsp and I brush my teeth with clay after flossing and

ZETOX - 1 dropperful once or twice per day depending on the situation

Joints, digestion bones,

Bone Broth or Collagen

Spirulina, Pure Synergy Superfood
- mix with 1/2 tsp Radiance Vitamin C once or twice a day

Mother Earth brand magnesium & calcium - 1 tsp each twice per day
Other Mother Earth minerals - zinc, potassium, manganese, selenium - 1 tsp as needed

Neprinol - 4 capsules in the am is my maintenance dosage.
PB formula probiotics 15/50 - One capsule to maintain beneficial flora
Super Critical Omega 3.

Concentrace Minerals or pH booster - added to my distilled water

Antioxidant Extreme - for reducing free radicals

B-17 to kill excess cancer cells and destroy parasites.

Devigest 2 capsules prior to each meal

VelociTEA – to help keep the digestion clear and for liver, adrenal, gall bladder support

On Occasion or AS Needed:

Adrenal Essence 
GlycoBalance and/or Host Defense - for extra immune support 

StemEnhance Ultra- 2 caps 2x day

Most of these products are available on our shopping cart.

NOTE: If you are looking for ONLY one or two items to bring vitamins and minerals into the body to supplement your regime, consider starting with the IntraMax. It is very well absorbed. Add in magnesium and other minerals from Mother Earth. These will help you start remineralizing the body right away although do look at the Candisol and ParaMax products for detoxification.

So, I share my story. I will say my childhood was very, very bleak and abusive, leading me to feel sorry for myself for a long, long time. Hence my body displayed symptoms. When the opportunity presented itself, I chose to restore my physical health first since that seemed possible; for the other issues I was carrying felt too overwhelming to look at.

Once my body health improved, I made the decision and tiptoed into healing the layers of emotional and mental challenges I was holding onto.

It took becoming more conscious and some focus, along with a desire to BE happy that allowed me to attract what was needed to turn my life around. It took time, and now I am having more fun and smile a lot.


Please note: What is most important in searching for answers to life's challenges is to open our consciousness beyond the limited belief systems we were raised under. I was raised strictly Catholic. At age 18, I knew I had to find for myself what "God" is - for something inside of me knew that there was more - more than what I had been taught to believe. Much to my fathers horror I left the church and started my spiritual journey many, many years ago.

You are never alone. Spirit, Source, God, Creator, Higher Power etc. - (whatever word describes who you pray to) is whispering to you all the time. Personally, I had to reduce the tremendous fear and the strong beliefs I was carrying so I could open my thoughts to hear the answers to my prayers. Help is available to all of us but it does not always come in the package we expect.

I met someone in the Spring of 2006 who came to me to purchase the Red Desert Clay, and in turn, this was the beginning of the help I was praying for.

I also worked with Robert Detzler the founder of SRT in Washington State and over the next six months more relief came to my body as layers and layers of unconscious patterns of deep seated traumas and inner conflicts were identified and lifted at the deepest levels AND and my physical body lightened up tremendously. (Robert Detzler is no longer with us.)

The frequent trips to the chiropractor completely ended in 2007, as my vertebrae more easily stays in alignment since my back is more relaxed instead of so rigid and tight.

For 25 years or so it had become a habit, a pattern to think about "how bad my body felt each day... sometimes thinking about it hour after hour during the most difficult times." This pattern was a habit - a habit only I could change. Not wanting to re-establish all the old patterns from the past, I have in the most recent years begun to re-program my conscious thoughts. No sessions - no one could do this for me - this was the part that was MY work.

 "Life is waiting to be lived – not waiting for me to get it right"

Many blessings to everyone on their journey. No matter what has happened to you, you are worthy of feeling I Am Perfectly Healthy. Much love, laughter and and all that jazz! 

Maryanne Maldonado
Tucson Arizona

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