High Potency Liquid Zeolite

Cold / Sore throat 

If you feel symptoms coming on, consider taking one dropperful in approximately 3 oz of water three times a day as zeolite can trap and remove many viruses quickly as well as keep them from replicating.

• Scavenges and trap pesticides, herbicides and other toxins

• Trap PCB’s, harmful heavy metals, radioactive cesium

• Binds to depleted uranium

• Has the ability to remove environmental toxins it comes in contact with

• Super efficient absorption

Other benefits
• Neutralizes free radicals and the formation of nitrosamines in the       stomach
• Relief for stomach acid
• Has an alkalizing effect on the blood by stabilizing the pH
• Raises the body’s antioxidant levels
• Binds to mycotoxins

MILITARY - Please note, those who have been in the Middle East are chronically exposed to depleted uranium. Depleted uranium is a metal which stays in the body and is passed on to family members upon their return home and has considerable health implications. Zeolite is effective at binding to depleted uranium in the body.


Dr. Jill Joyce: “I specialize in brain research focusing on medical disorders of the brain. The brain is a fatty tissue organ that quickly collects toxins and heavy metals that we are exposed to on a daily basis. This build up of toxins and heavy metals blocks the good nutrients from getting into the brain for proper brain neurotransmitter functions. This leads to memory loss and many dysfunctions of the brain. This includes issues that people may not even realize are affecting them such as bad sleep patterns, not being alert, bad moods, not being calm and bad behavior.”

“Zetox can easily be given to children, the elderly and everyone in need. Zetox is an amazing product for proper brain function. I recommend Zetox as a daily detoxifier to all my patients.”

Can I use ZETOX with Red Desert Clay?

Yes, as there is no ONE detoxification product which will remove every toxin. Personally we use the Red Desert® clay and the ZETOX each day for broad coverage to remove as many pathogens as possible. However, Red Desert® clay is our favorite product as it, in addition to detox, leaves behind many beneficial minerals - 55.3% silica - essential in maintaining strong bones and teeth as well as other minerals important for our cells and tissues. Between these two products, many many toxins are removed from the body. However, if you are going to use both the Red Desert® clay and the ZETOX, start with one product first allowing your body to adjust and then in the coming days or weeks after, add in the second product.

Most zeolite in the world is mined for commercial purposes as in toxic cleanups and water filtration and not meant for human consumption.Clinoptiloite is the beneficial form of zeolite which is contained in ZETOX and specifically manufactured for human consumption.

What makes this zeolite (clinoptiloite) effective for removing toxins is that the particles are 5 microns in size (similar to the Red Desert clay particles which are typically two to three microns in size). When ingested the zeolite mineral moves between the cells of the body pulling toxins and poisons into its honeycomb structure where they are trapped and held until released out of the body via the urine or bowels, generally 6 hours or so. The cage like structure of the zeolite mineral is hollow when it enters the body and full of toxins when it leaves the body.

Here is a diagram of the zeolite honeycomb structure as it is formed in nature millions of years ago when lava and ash from volcanos made a chemical reaction with sodium from sea water. This created the alkaline zeolite mineral which attracts the positively charged toxins and heavy metals into its cage-like structure.

Healing Crisis?

Whenever we detoxify the body it can cause a little discomfort as the cells adjusts to the removal of pathogens, but this is not so for everyone. Some will have a very mild headache or feel light headed or have loose bowels, but for the most part the ZETOX does not create negative reactions or side effects because it pulls the toxins into its cagelike structure and then carries them out to the urine and bowels for elimination without re-filtering and re-exposing the toxins to the liver.

Important Note: If you are taking medications, always consult your doctor before using detoxification products as some drugs are toxic to the body and ZETOX or Red Desert® Clay may bind to and remove them.

How Long Do I Need to Take ZETOX?

This is a personal decision based on your health and toxicity of the body. Consider 90 days for the average person, although we are exposed to toxins daily and a maintenance regime might be a good idea with ZETOX or with the Red Desert® clay which will also help keep the pH balanced and the immune system stronger.

Is ZETOX FDA approved?

The FDA never approves nutritional supplements, however all the ingredients are on the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) list. ZETOX is also manufactured in an FDA licensed pharmaceutical facility GMP certified.

How long does one bottle of ZETOX last?

One bottle lasts approximately 4 weeks when taking 2 dropperfuls per day. Remember to drink extra water all day long to help flush the toxins out. Shake the bottle before each use.

Usual Adult Dosage: - one dropperful 2 times per day in approx two to three ounces of water. May use more than 2 times per day depending on your situation. Check with your doctor for the correct dosage for you. Children take 1/4th to 1/2th the adult dosage. This is a potent product

ZETOX is manufactured in a natural base, and has a slight raspberry flavor to it. 

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