High Quality
Drinking Water

What is Important ~ Purity and Mineral Content

I find it amazing that we have to pay for quality drinking water… something that should be Free to everyone, but since complaining will not accomplish much, here are some ideas.

What is high quality water?

High quality water should: 

1) be clean of bacteria, viruses, chlorine, fluoride, herbicides, pesticides,     pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, chemicals and other pathogens that        do not belong in our body

NoteMost spring water contains parasites and unfriendly bacteria.

2) be high in a well absorbed form of essential minerals
3) have an alkaline pH of 7.0 to 9.5 depending on the circumstances
4) deliver extra oxygen to the cells 

Remember our body is comprised of trillions of cells which make up all of our organs and tissues. If we keep the cells detoxified, nourished and drink clean, oxygenated water, this can improve our circulation, energy and many serious health concerns.

Distilled ~ Ionic Water Machines ~ Alkaline Water

Distilled and Alkaline Water

Distilling water removes nearly every contaminant BUT also removes the beneficial minerals as well which we must added back in. We use either ConcenTrace minerals to re-mineralize our distilled water. Not everyone has a distiller, but distilled water can be purchased and then the minerals added to each gallon or glass.

Concentrace minerals contain 72 ionically charged water soluble trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. These are very popular minerals; natural, easy to assimilate and least expensive.

The pH Water Booster alkalizes and re-mineralizes the distilled water creating an ionic, oxygenated, mineral rich result and brings the pH to 9.5. A pH of 9.5 is 500 times greater than a pH of 7.0 which more quickly alkalizes cells.

Video - This video compares all the different bottled waters to pH Water booster - Click Here

Which Water Filtration System should I Choose?

When purchasing a water filtraton system, one of the most important points in determining good quality drinking water has been the quality of the filter. Many of the commonly advertised water filters (one dimensional filters) which are available at the local stores, DO NOT remove bacteria, parasites, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, micro-organisms or most other pathogens – for the most part, they ONLY make the water taste better.

Alkaline Water Machines or Water Ionizers - Alkaline water machines make alkaline water and usually have an excellent high quality filter. These machines are just fine if it has a filter which removes the above mentioned pathogens and the ability to control the alkalinity so the water is not too alkaline once your body is balanced.

The best water ionizers we've seen most recently take a huge step farther in that they, in addition to alkalinizing and oxygenating water, literally split the cluster of water molecules down to about ½ which allows the water particles to penetrate deeper into our cells. Most water clusters are 16 to 18 molecules per cluster and the water ionizer machines create 6 to 8 water molecules per cluster. With the water ioinizers we are hearing that people become alkaline quicker than with alkaline water alone.

If you are in the market for a water ionizer machine consider either the Kangen ionizer or the Chansens Water Ionizers. Both are impressive and excellent in quality. The Kangen water ionizers are network marketed so the price is around $4000, way too costly; but I believe they do have some less expensive models. The Chansen water ionizers cost around $2395 for the top of the line model with all the bells and whistles, but they also have a machine called The Violet Water Ionizer which is a counter top model for around $1295.

Once the body pH is in an alkaline balance, 9.5 alkaline water is too alkaline for long term, so lower the pH once wellness has returned.


To remove specific toxins in the body and to remineralize cells, bones and joints use the Red Desert® Edible Clay. Toxins are acidic waste and keep your pH from maintaining an alkaline state. High quality water will penetrate the cells much more effectively, hydrating and daily flushing out acidic waste from the cells (detoxification) and this allows the edible clay to remineralize the cells most effectively and increase the pH of your body.


WATER BOTTLES - Whenever possible, consider using a stainless steel, non aluminum, water bottle which can be refilled. Most bottled water is NOT high quality. The FDA regulates bottled water, and we know what that means. To be produced and shipped, plastic bottled water uses up oil and other fossil fuels, fills up landfills, represents wasted money, and the water does not go through rigorous filtering and cleansing processes. Because of the toxic waste produced by bottles, some have advocated people to stop buying and consuming bottled water and instead consume tap water… UGH...!

Final Notes

We have not gone into tremendous depth here, and yet the above offers a tidbit of info to help assist in obtaining higher quality water, which is super important in our regime of abundant health.

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