Vaccinations and a word about
Autism and Flu Vaccines

Some Truths about Vaccinations and Vaccines

It is not uplifting to discuss vaccines and the truth about the havoc they cause in the human body. However, keeping ourselves in the dark and pretending we don’t know, keeps us helpless and powerless to make changes. It is time to heal ourselves, our families and to help our Global sisters and brothers who are being vaccinated by the millions in third world countries.

Many parents are confused, stressed and worried about “should I or shouldn’t I..." ? Many doctors who do not have much spare time are taking the time to educate themselves regarding the truth behind the vaccines (and some doctors are not interested in taking a broader look) to read the proof that is widely available about the REAL intentions behind vaccines.

If your doctor has not, it is imperative that you do a bit of research, so you can, from a place of knowledge and insight make an informed choice.    

For those of us who have vaccinated our children, and feel guilt – know that you have been doing the best you can with the information you had available to you at the time. The key for all of us is, to recognize that "once we know better we can now make decisions from a more informed place.” We cannot pretend we do not know anymore.

Read our article on Detox Toxins

Together as parents and human beings, it is our responsibility to gather the facts and statistics to make informed decisions. If you choose not to vaccinate, know that there are thousands of parents in the USA who are standing up as well, and saying “Not My Child.”

When my daughters were born, in the early 1980’s I chose not to vaccinate right away. I had an intuitive knowing that something wasn't right - although I had no one to discuss this with.

When my girls were 3 and 5 years old, they did receive a few vaccinations (because I was afraid – and had no informed person to speak with); but they did not receive ALL the vaccines that were available, and I signed a form when they entered schools stating “Vaccines are against my religious/spiritual beliefs.”

Now that my daughters both have babies and young children, they have read the information available today and have chosen not to vaccinate.

In 2006, I accompanied one of my daughters to her healthy baby’s first pediatrician appointment. My daughter, upon explaining to this doctor that she was holding off for the time being in scheduling vaccinations, was reprimanded for not knowing what she was doing.

The doctor gave my daughter a book to read about why vaccinations are necessary and also said that if she was not going to vaccinate, then she may just have to find another pediatrician. Bottom line, if my daughter was going to think for herself and make informed decisions, and not leave the vaccination decision up to the doctor, then she was not going to allow my grandchild to be her patient.

Fortunately, my daughter found another pediatrician with more flexibility.


Beyond deciding whether or not to vaccinate our own children, it is also important to know that vaccines are being administered to millions of children in third world countries every day - vaccines which contain components that create serious lifelong health issues and some vaccines make young girls infertile.


There are quite a few wonderful and brave doctors, scientists and ordinary people who have done all the work gathering the information, studies and the proof of why we are intentionally poisoning our infants and adults on a daily basis around the world.

Often these doctors and scientists do not reveal their names because when they do, their lives are threatened and sometimes they are killed. So, they share information secretly AND never vaccinate their own children or grandchildren. Fortunately enough information is available today so we can make informed choices, although many of the reports, results of scientific studies and the like, disappear from archives.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) – This vaccine is funded by Merck - Doctors and scientists are now revealing that the newest vaccine for Human Papillomavirus (HPV) for our adolescent girls have hidden bacteria’s in them and contain anti fertility components – components to get the body to attack its own reproduction system. To understand more, click on the link above - "A MUST SEE..."

Vaccines and Brain Development... More Info


Flu Vaccine Issues

URGENT - Mandatory Live Vaccinations

Please share this with everyone you know.

Please take a Hard Look At Mandatory Live Vaccinations and ACTION STEPS". This letter delivers urgent notice that dozens of health experts, religious leaders, and world leading scientists are condemning governments worldwide for going along with pharmaceutical industry-influenced plans to inject people with poorly-tested toxic vaccines this flu season based on fears of pandemic swine flu.

Vaccination Action Letter


A Word About Autism

I feel such empathy for those who are dealing with this challenge called Autism. You are not alone.

Your child has a reason and purpose for being here, and is more than his or her symptoms. Every soul is a being of light; and these "austic" children need support to unlock their potential for having the highest possible experience during their journey here on Earth.

It is important to assist those with autistic and ADHD symptoms to have a more balanced physical body and to find what is needed to bring their minds to a place of peace and calm. This takes awareness on all our parts with increased understanding about high quality foods, pesticides, herbicides, medications as well as what is in the vaccines, all which create imbalances in the brain and body.

Many many people are aware of the dramatic increase of the autistic diagnoses. Most of these austistic diagnoses come about after a child has received a scheduled vaccination. A small percentage of children who have never received a vaccination, are also termed autistic. So some of the autistic diagnoses are triggered by environmental and/or pharmaceutical influences and a very small percentage are not.

You will want to empower yourself with as much information about autism as you can and connect with others who have been on this journey and found solutions.

There a number of wonderful doctors who specifically work with autistic children - who will support detoxification of heavy metals and other toxins as well as clearing candida from the body and finding the optimum diet that works for your child.

Remember, austic childrens systems are very fragile and they cannot eat the SADD (standard american dead diet) of pizza, fast food, corn syrup, processed, microwaved, pre-packaged sugary items, which wreck havoc in their body systems. Not only do these items have 0 nutritional value, the autistic childrens immune systems are already compromised and cannot easily chelate out the toxins or break down the proteins and carbohydrates the way others do.

It is imperative that parents of autistic children have doctors who will specifically work with them to detoxify their child and to find a diet that will help these children to heal so they can lead productive lives.

There are a number of websites that will provide information regarding the "right diet" and if you can find a DAN doctor or a support group in your area, this can be wonderful.

Consider - Autism Research Institute - Click Here


A product which is worth mentioning, since I have received feedback from customers who have had positive results is the stem cell enhancer. You may want to add this to you or your child's regime... yet, we always suggest you speak with your doctor first - hopefully a holistic, open-minded individual.

Stem Cell NutritionStem cells can repair the circuitry in the brain and reduce inflammation... There is a natural product which triggers the release of YOUR OWN stem cells from your bone marrow into circulation. Once your stem cells are circulating, they will seek out damaged cells. Each stem cell will attach, multiply 2 to 3 thousand times and become that tissue. More Info

...and one last excellent article to read is: Deadly Immunity

Robert F Kennedy offers a perspective regarding vaccines, pharmaceutical companies and the money behind it.


We are all brothers and sisters globally. The information above is to give some links where you can find answers - or at the least begin to think for yourself when making decisions regarding what is in your highest and greatest good when it comes to vaccinations.

It is time for each of us to awaken to a new state of conscousness that allows everyone to have a truly healthy body and a fulfilling existence.

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