Red Desert® Clay
Edible Clay for Animals

Red Desert® Clay For Pets

Safe, Effective, Natural 

Detoxification of Heavy Metals, Chemicals
 and many other toxins

Horse – fish – dog – cat - bird – reptile – pot belly pig

  • Strong Detoxifier of heavy metals and many toxins, chemicals and pathogens
  • Bone and Joint Strength
  • Remineralizing the cells
  • Helpful for Loose Bowels
  • Helpful in reversing Worms and Coccidia
  • Promotes healthy Teeth and Gums

Edible Red Desert® Clay for PETS, is a beautiful naturally occurring calcium montmorillonite clay, which has been sitting in the desert for millions of years. It is the clay of choice written about in magazines, books and on TV shows such as Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

The Red Desert® Clay is negatively charged. When ingested, each tiny, tiny particle binds to toxins and bacteria in your body, which are positively charged. The particles surround and bind to each toxin holding them in a colloidal state (suspended) until they leave the body through the waste elimination process, gently cleaning out that which does not serve the body.

At the same time, the nutrients from the clay, are transferred and absorbed into the body providing much needed essential macro, micro and trace mineral elements necessary to aide in bone and joint strengthening, boosting the immune system, raising the pH, improving digestion and metabolism as well as improving overall health and energy. The best part is it is 100% natural and has been around for centuries, right here on Mother Earth.

In addition, it has an indirect positive effect on the liver by facilitating the cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract and removing waste, bypassing the liver and general circulation.

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How Much Clay to Use for Your Pet?

The Red Desert® Clay can be used both internally and externally for pets.  As a maintenance dosage consider using ~

For small animals, such as cats, approximately 1/8th tsp once a day.
For medium size animals, perhaps 1/4th a tsp 2 times a day.
For large animals consider ½ tsp one to two times a day.
For horses, one tablespoon two times a day.

The clay can be mixed with food or made into a paste (about peanut butter consistency), whereby your pet can lick this off your fingers or a plastic or wooden spatula. Do not use metal utensils.

Loose Bowels
 – Often this clay will stop or significantly slow down loose bowels in a day or two. Just give 2 or 3 dosages the first and second day as needed. If symptoms improve, use your intuition and reduce the dosages as necessary.

Daily dosages of clay for maintenance can be very beneficial in detoxifying the body and providing beneficial nutrients to the cells and calcium to the bones.

Constipation – If your pet has constipation, clay can make this worse. Often magnesium is used to relax the bowels and alleviate the situation. However, it is important to speak with your holistic veterinarian about this. Magnesium is available on our shopping cart.

Bone Strength – Red Desert® Clay is high in silica (55.3%), which is necessary for calcium to enter the bone cell itself. This clay contains, calcium, magnesium, boron, manganese, iron and nearly 60 necessary minerals for cell nourishment.

**Red Desert® Clay is screened for pets. Please use Red Desert® Edible Clay for people. For more information on the difference in the clay grades, please read our FAQ.

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