Radiation Solutions

• Removing radiation from the body 
• Strengthening and Protecting our cells

Red desert edible clay has an extraordinary ability to bind and remove radiation, toxic metals and other chemicals from the body, including lead, arsenic, mercury, chemicals, unfriendly bacteria and much more. This is common knowledge.

Here are some suggestions which I have been using in my daily regime for many, many years to keep my body in good health, which also keeps radiation from taking up residence in my cells ~

• 1.5 to 2 tsp of Red Desert clay – 2x a day 
• 1 dropperful of Zetox liquid zeolite twice a day 
Spirulina powder – 1 TBS 2x a day usually mixed in my green drink
• Two StemEnhance Ultra - two capsules 2x a day initially

Red Desert Edible clay: The clay particles when eaten are tiny enough to penetrate into the bloodstream where unfriendly bacteria, toxins i.e. (radiation, chemicals, heavy metals etc) are pulled into the clay structure and removed via the bowels. The Red Desert “Bathing” clay is wonderful for removing toxins through the pours of the skin.

Red Desert clay also strengthens the bodys immune system as it leaves behind numerous minerals and is high in naturally occurring silica (55%).

Many who have been exposed to radiation or other chemicals from working in environments such as hospitals, factories, medical and dental labs, around airports and other toxic fumes, have found specific edible clays to be most valuable in removing these toxic substances from their body’s.

Zetox Liquid zeolite –This is the only brand we use since it contains 50 times more zeolite than the network marketed brand and will move into the bloodstream quickly attracting into its structure a wide range of toxins including radiation, heavy metals, depleted uranium, PCB’s, pesticides, herbicides and more, removing them via the urine. Holistic doctors generally recommend 10 drops every 5 hours or so. This product is network marketed making the price very high – but when we are exposed to certain toxins it is super helpful in their elimination.

Spirulina – A wonderful algae, as long as the spirulina is grown with integrity it is exceptional for accelerating the evacuation of toxic residue from the body. I have been eating spirulina every day for 9 years. (Spirulina contains high proportions of metalo-thionine compounds which bind to radioactive metals). Also provides prevention from free radical damage to cells, contains beta carotene, chlorophyll, phytonutrients, iron and is 65% percent protein.

Blue Green Algae - This particular algae is a nutrient dense whole food containing a full spectrum of over 64 perfectly balanced, naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, amino acids (protein) and essential fatty acids. 

StemEnhance Ultra – Repairing damaged cells in the body. This product contains two components extracted from Lake Klamath blue green algae which are highly concentrated into each capsule. Two capsules triggers our bone marrow to release between 4.5 and 6 million stem cells into circulation within one hour. Our stem cells migrate through the blood looking for damaged cells. Once they attach to a cell needing repair, they multiply 2000 times and become new healthy cells.

Antioxidant Extreme –This is a very effective potent product taken to neutralize free radicals which can multiply quickly, accumulate in the body and are a precursor to cancer. Free radical activity tends to increase due to oxidative stress from polluted air, and other toxins.


We all have to breath and eat. Radiation is in our air, water and raining down around the world on our farms, gardens, lawns, animals and crops. HOWEVER we can successfully protect ourselves and our bodies. If you can only do one thing for the moment, start with the Red Desert Clay as it is the least expensive option for removing pathogens from the body. This clay will remove more than just radiation. MORE INFO

 Other good ideas

Sea vegetables

Kelp, Dulse, Nori and Hijiki, are the most well known sea vegetables which are excellent in providing nutrients and cleansing radioactive particles from the body. They naturally contain high amounts of iodine and sodium alginate which protect against and help remove radiation. A diet high in natural iodine will protect the sensitive thyroid from absorbing the radioactive form of iodine which can cause thyroid cancer.

Nori sheets can be used in place of bread for those who want a yeast free or gluten free option. I put avocados and other vegetables on the sheets and role them up, as I am not a sushi fan.

*Pure Vitamin C - aka Radiance C (not derived from ascorbic acid which is usually synthetic) Vitamin E, Grape Seed Extract and Selenium all are supportive for neutralizing free radical activity and counteracting toxins. Coenzyme Q10 has many benefits and adds protection from chemicals and radiation.  

*Chlorella is another excellent algae.
*Wheat grass and barley grass contain many wonderful and important minerals.

The I-AmPerfectlyHealthy Team

Tucson AZ USA

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