Building Bone Density

Calcium Alone Will Not Build Strong Bones

So How Do We Remineralize Our Bones,

Bodies and Teeth?

Bones and teeth are living tissue,

so we can re-nourish and restore them.

When I moved to a new dentist closer to home, he handed me a proposal of $11,400 for  7 crowns and a filling.  Now I have been going to the dentist every 8 or 9 months my entire life, so this was quite an odd diagnosis to suddenly receive when I have no pain or discomfort and my previous 60 yr old dentist said my teeth will last me until I am 90.

I chose to make this an opportunity to learn how to strengthen and re-mineralize my teeth, instead of supplying this dentist a down payment for a new boat."  AND if my teeth need nutrients, then my bones likely need some assistance as well, although bones and teeth are not re-mineralized exactly the same...

As always, there is no one GRAND PLAN that applies to everyone - because we all have different genetics and diets and health issues. Although some people never have a cavity or lose very little bone density with age! 

For the rest of us who need some assistance, below are cliff notes on what I have adjusted in my life which might be beneficial to others as well.  Strengthening bones is a multifaceted process, as there are multiple causes for bone loss and teeth decay.  So I share.

For remineralizing and repairing teeth - I like this book.

CURE TOOTH DECAY -  is filled with what one can do.


What I Do Now For My Teeth and Bones

Bones and teeth are living tissue, so we can re-nourish and restore them.

**I eat grass-fed bone broth daily and collagen protein.  The               ingredients are directly connected to bone support; but even more           important is this broth helps the gut to digest and absorb nutrients         from food that our bones need.  Good for healing leaky gut.

**Vitamin and D & A - I take Green Pasture Blue Ice Royal daily -        Purchased from  This product is excellent        for tooth decay and is fat soluble for bringing in Vitamin A & D to            assist in repairing cavities, decay in teeth and building bones.

**Raw milk  - although I was lactose intolerant for my entire life, this         all disappeared when I started drinking RAW milk every day.  It is           my choice for calcium and phosphorus, enzymes, minerals, protein          and so on - for the bones and teeth. Pasteurization destroys these           nutrients.  The raw milk fat also helps stabilize my blood sugar.

**Cheese - Raw Milk Cheese - does not have lactose, so it is easy to          digest.

**Pasture Eggs - either raw in my green drink or soft boiled.  These            hens are in the sun all day which results in their eggs having much          higher vitamin A & E, more omega 3 fatty acids, beta carotene and          less cholesterol and saturated fat.

**Red Desert Clay - 55.3% of naturally occurring silica which helps            move calcium into bones plus an array of 60 minerals straight                  from mother earth.  Take one teaspoon in water one to two times            per day.  I actually use this clay in place of toothpaste.  I gently              brush my teeth and gums, never pressing hard.

**Magnesium two times per day.   This is highly important to break          down the calcium so it can enter the bones - without daily                      magnesium from quality food or supplementation, calcium will                attach to the outside of bones.  I use either Mother Earth Brand or          Natural Calm. Mother Earth brand is absorbed via the vein under the        tongue and has less of a laxative effect than Natural Calm.

 Other things I eat include:  

  • Raw vegetables such as cabbage, kale, carrots (purple, yellow and orange carrots), asparagus etc.  Chewing on raw vegetables is strengthening for the teeth and also brings in good minerals. 
  • Cooked broccoli and cauliflower.  Raw sounds best, but with these vegetables not many can digest them, so I steam mine for 5 minutes and use pasture butter and salt for seasoning. Pasture butter is made from the cream of certified organic milk.
  • Good fats - Avocados, coconut oil, raw milk are in my daily regime for the best healthy fats along with the cod liver oil mixture from Green Pasture @  I also like organic raw nuts such as brazil nuts and walnuts (I don't eat cashews or peanuts as they are high in mold).  I also enjoy raw organic almond butter spread on Marys original organic crackers.
  • Spirulina powder - alkaline and packed with chloryphyll, beta carotene, vitamins, minerals - you can read about on the link.  I add 2 to 3 tsps to my green drink.
  • Crock pot - cooked beef and chicken.  I always include the fat and skin.  People have become afraid of skin and fat, and are instructed to take skin off chicken and remove excess fat from animal products. Not me. If these foods are organic/grass fed, the fats are very helpful for digestion and satiation.  When there is not enough good fat in the meal - we are hungry and snacking shortly after (often on sugary, gooey things).  However, don't just follow my ideas.  No one knows exactly what you need. Follow your intuition and do whatever feels best for your personal situation.  Nothing trumps that!


Mineral deficiencies

Minerals derived from good sources will move calcium into the bone cell itself, as long as we are absorbing and assimilating them from our food or supplements.

Deficiencies can happen for a variety of reasons.  

  • Plan old eating poorly.  
  • Chronic illnesses 
  • Digestion - Food not breaking down for assimilation & absorption
  • Yeast/candida
  • Medications i.e. cortisone, blood thinners  
  • Drinking sodas and/or lots of caffiene leaches calcium from the bones and into the urine.
  • White sugar depletes minerals when eaten regularly
  • smoking

If it feels like a good idea, a practitioner can order a hair analysis to determine the minerals that are missing or deficient in your body.  You can retest after four months to see how well you are doing.

Above and beyond what has been suggested already - If you want to supplement to help the body catch up, take liquid minerals  - FROM THE RIGHT SOURCE.  

  1. Celtic Salt is the only salt I use on everything I eat.  It contains 72 essential minerals and is well utilized by the body.  One teaspoon can be added to a glass of water to stop sugar cravings (which are often due to mineral deficiencies). Stir until the crystals dissolve and drink. 

Celtic Salt - There is NO comparison between this Mineral Rich Salt and iodized salt. Celtic Salt is totally unprocessed and dried by the sun and wind, retaining their vital trace elements.  We do not add it to cooked food until the food is served, for heating these salts destroys valuable minerals and trace elements.

  1. Intramax is a vitamin/mineral supplement liquid that goes straight into the bloodstream, although eating REAL food is essential
  2. Vitamin C from camu camu is as pure and potent as you can get. Just 1/4th a tsp a day.  Most Vitamin C is chemically synthesized in a laboratory.
  3. Also look at the Mother Earth minerals for supplementation of individual minerals.  
  4. Magnesium is so important to take every day, and even multiple times a day, unless you have no stress and have been eating the perfect daily diet.   When taking calcium from food or supplements, one must also take adequate magnesium to assist the calcium to break down for assimilation - otherwise the calcium will not move into the bones.  Don't take calcium supplements unless you are taking a magnesium supplement.

A word about sunshine and Coconut oil

We do receive Vitamin D from sunshine.  However, there is a tremendous fear of the sun.  Consider that fear causes stress and worry and that breaks the body systems down faster than just about anything else. Instead of fearing the sun, just be sensible and appreciate the sun.  I chose to never use sunscreen, although I do cover up when hiking and gardening.  Coconut oil when spread on the skin will help our body absorb the Vitamin D. Just something to consider instead of fearing the sun. 

 REBOUNDER – best exercise for the time available

Move the body to maintain bone density. Walking, dancing, swimming, going to the gym, whatever you enjoy will help strengthen the bones. 

The Rebounder is a mini high-quality trampoline which provides the best exercise for the time available, and is so convenient. Many days my schedule does not allow time to get out for exercise, so I gently bounce on the Rebounder for 10 to 15 minutes. I began using the Rebounder four years ago to increase oxygen into my lungs (part of my chronic fatigue problem), only to discover it offered my body many other benefits without having to leave my house.

The Rebounder provides more cellular benefit than almost any other form of exercise. It stimulates every cell in the body simultaneously. It will stimulate the immune system and is incredibly effective at cleansing toxins out of the cells. It will strengthen muscles, in a low impact way, reducing stress on the body, stimulates and clears the lymphatic system helping to detoxify the body…and much more.

Calcium and Magnesium Magnesium is needed to break calcium down for assimilation and absorption. Natural Calm powder is a good choice for this and will also improve constipation or sluggish bowel situations. However, Mother Earth magnesium is fantastic for those who need magnesium but do not want the laxative effect of the powdered magnesium.

America has the highest calcium supplementation, and yet also has the highest rate of bone loss and calcium deficiencies.

Only take calcium if you are taking Adequate Magnesium to Break the Calcium Down for Assimilation.

Something else to consider is that calcium and magnesium sometimes compete for absorption so we take them separately. We use Mother Earth brand taking 1 tsp calcium by itself then wait at least 5 minutes and take 1 tsp Mother Earth magnesium. This works quite well and can be done multiple times per day.

We also take 5000IU's of Vitamin D on the days when we do not receive adequate sunlight. Some people will need much more Vitamin D than this depending on where a person lives or individual situations.

Proper Digestion I include specific digestive enzymes with my meals to fully break down the protein, carbohydrates and fats for proper absorption of vitamins and minerals as bones generally lose minerals with age. For those of us who grew up eating an animal based diet, we likely have depleted the digestive enzymes we were born with before we reach thirty years of age. Therefore most food (unless it is raw plants) moves through the digestive system incompletely digested. Devigest contains specific potent enzymes which will break down food particles to tiny, tiny particle size for assimilation and absorption. 

Digestive Enzymes>>

Do I love my coffee and sodas more than my bones? I do love my coffee, but I stayed away from it for years (yes, even decaf) while I was healing my body. I still have coffee occasionally and truly enjoy it when I do !

When taking in lots of caffeine and phosphoric acid from sodas this can leach calcium into the urine - depleting bones. (When I gave up daily coffee consumption I noticed I was not waking up frequently at night to use the bathroom). Caffeine also depletes the Vitamin B's and puts stress on the adrenals. I now use Gunpowder Green tea from Mountain Rose Herbs, which has less caffeine and contains phytochemical compounds which are antioxidants.

High sugar consumption can also deplete minerals from the body.

More Solutions to Obtain Plenty of Minerals


What Is Bone Loss?

Bone Loss is a skeletal disease often not diagnosed until a fractured hip, wrist or other bone occurs. It is considered a silent disease for this condition is created over many years. Peak bone mass is reached by both men and women in their late 20s and early 30s. As the year's progress, heavy metal toxins bio-accumulate in the our article on DETOX TOXINS to understand how this happens. These heavy metal toxins eat away at our joints - HOWEVER, the heavy metals can be removed with Red Desert calcium montmorillonite clay as well as Natural Liquid Zeolite.... more about these below.

Due to the lack of minerals in the food supply, or in the food choices we make, lack of physical activity, hormone levels dropping, excess caffeine, sugar and alcohol, along with the SADD (Standard American Daily Diet) - over the years, our body's become depleted of the vital mineral supply needed, and demineralization of the bones takes place. Bones become weak, brittle and the joints become inflammed. (This can also occur in periodontal disease, causing decay.)

Bone density measurements can be performed to determine if there is a decrease in bone density. The best treatment is prevention (as well as stopping the progression) and awareness of what causes bone loss. The likelihood of brittle bones occurring can be reduced significantly.

OSTEO-PENIA Pre bone loss means thin bones, decreased calcification or bone density. It generally is the term used prior to a more serious diagnosis.

CALICIFICATION is a build-up of insoluble calcium deposits in different parts of the body. These deposits are most noticeable in and around the joints, arteries, kidneys, gall bladder, heart valves, and can be deposited anywhere in the body and are easily observed in CT scans.

STONES in CERTAIN ORGANS - If you have had stones, most of the time these are calcium deposits (not always, but usually). Absorable Magnesium Powder can assist in dissolving calcium deposits.

Understanding Magnesium Deficiency in Bone Density 

Magnesium is essential for calcium absorption, working towards dissolving calcium deposits and many, many other body functions.
Magnesium deficiency can be corrected.

Advertising over the years has conditioned us to believe that the healthy growth of our bones and our children's bones is dependent upon receiving calcium from processed cow's milk. These commercials are there to sell a product. For example…

… if one drinks a glass of pasteurized milk (which is about 8 parts calcium to 1 part magnesium), the body, in order to assimilate the calcium, will have to make up the magnesium imbalance from its own magnesium supply!...which most people are depleted it pulls calcium from our bones! Further…

…the casein in the milk protein (used to manufacture white glue) can only be digested by calves, which have 3 stomachs, and have the enzyme to separate the calcium from the casein. The calcium from cows milk passes through the human digestive tract unavailable to us, and is very acidic to our body.

Mildred S. Seelig, M.D.

CALCIUM - The high consumption of calcium ingestion combined with low magnesium levels is a major factor in bone loss.

Many people are unaware that the calcium they are taking is being stored in the soft tissue, organs and joints, also called calcium deposits, simply because there is inadequate magnesium to break down calcium. This is what happens when consuming dairy and over the years.

Magnesium is essential for proper absorption of calcium. Once magnesium reserves are restored...we begin to feel more relaxed, bowel function improves (often constipation disappears), energy is restored, we sleep better and the heart, adrenals and nervous system functions begin to improve. The body systems begin to balance again. Adequate magnesium dissolved in water will assist calcium to assimilate and absorb  quickly into the body, and handle excess calcium…gradually dissolving calcium deposits.

Calcium is now added to many products i.e. cereals, crackers, juice, antacids etc. However, NONE of theses products contain magnesium to balance the additional calcium OR contain magnesium in a form easily absorbed by the body. Without the magnesium, the calcium actually depletes any magnesium reserves and deposits itself into the soft tissue, joints, kidneys, arteries etc.

It is more helpful to obtain calcium and magnesium from natural sources. Be alert to foods which say: Fortified with Calcium or Vitamin D. These are often not compatable with what the body can utilize.

Eating calcium rich, raw vegetables or juicing them is the easiest way to put calcium into our bodies, and then supplementing with water soluble magnesium to properly break down the calcium and to dissolve calcium deposits. However if you are deficient, you may want to take additional supplements depending on your condition. (More about this below under "Solutions.")

The water soluble magnesium will relax the muscles and have a beautiful effect on the digestion and elimination processes of the body. Constipation often disappears, as does muscle cramps, spasms, blood sugar fluctuations etc.

If loose bowels are an issue for you, the Mother Earth Magnesium is a wonderful form of magnesium without the laxative effect. 

Magnesium available for purchase here>>

4. MSM

2 tsp two times a day - builds connective tissue & collagen, works as an anti-inflammatory, increases flexibility etc. Some people have increased gas when adding MSM to their regime - so you may want to start with 1/4 tsp 2x a day and increase a little each week.

Many people with joint inflammation receive excellent relief from pain using CHONDROITIN AND GLUCOSAMINE - and we have included MSM as well. Double blind studies have confirmed great results which include being almost totally free of side affects. Glucosamine/Chondroitin can take up to 8 weeks to show results…yet well worth the wait if you are needing pain relief. Our Joint Health Formula includes Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM.

Heavy metals bio-accumulate and can eat away at joints. If you were to have a heavy metals challenge test taken, you may be surprised to find the results showing high levels of mercury, lead, aluminum, arsenic and other metals that do not belong in the body.

Natural liquid zeolite and clay removes heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides and many other poisons from the body and joints. For more info...


Eating a high quality diet means switching from the SADD (standard american daily diet) to foods that nourish the body. Animal products i.e. fish, chicken and beef etc. three times a day is very hard on the liver and digestive system, creating a build up of uric acid in the joints (Gout) and creates an overall acidic condition in the body. If you are going to eat these foods, cut them down to a very small portion of your meal. Replacing 80% of the animals products with raw vegetables and other alkaline foods will do many things for the body - provide minerals and vitamins, but also lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, not to mention help you lose weight.

I personally do not like vegetables all that much, but I am wise enough to know their value, so I do eat some. Yet, what I have found to be the most helpful is juicing them. The vitamins and minerals are in the juice not the pulp. So twice a week I purchase an abundance of fresh, raw organic greens and make 4 dark green juices each week. These green drinks are very beneficial in many ways and I end up with 4 times more vitamins and minerals than I would get trying to eat them whole. What We Put in Our Juices...

On days when I cannot get the greens I need, I use Nutrex spirulina tablets and PHion green powders or capsules to add to my daily regime. These are available on our shopping cart under Acid/Alkaline products....

Food – Calcium, Vitamin K and Minerals from High Quality Food and Supplementation

To get adequate calcium from food, we have found juicing vegetables to be very effective. Juicing also helps for detoxifying the body. Going organic will reduce the pesticides, herbicides and chemicals being introduced into the body

More Information on Juicing

The vitamins and minerals in vegetables are contained in the juice, not the pulp. Most of us are not going to eat carrots, heads of lettuce and kale, dandelion greens, beets, bunch of cilantro, cucumbers and so on every day. At least no one I know has that much time..! Yet….

….putting all of these vegetables into the juicer and drinking the juice within 30 minutes, will give you an excellent dose of vitamins and minerals. (Good idea to add flax oil, and put a touch of celtic salt on the tongue to better absorb the vitamins & minerals) We also use Nutrex Spirulina Powder in our vegetable juices for protein, beta-carotene and anti-oxidants etc.

When I was detoxing and healing my body, I juiced twice a day for 4 months straight, and ate raw vegetables. Tests showed vitamin and mineral levels increased to healthy levels. I haven't stopped juicing yet…although nowadays it's about 3 to 4 juices per week, and raw vegetables for snacks.

Cooking vegetables greatly reduces the vitamins and mineral content to a minimum….so, try eating them raw. Studies around the world have confirmed top quality fish oil or flax oil to be very useful as a dietary supplement to relieve tender joints and morning stiffness. I personally added MSM and magnesium powder to relieve the tenderness and stiffness in my joints along with the UDO's 3.6.9 oil.

You can often find the Celtic Salt in the health food store in a bulk bin. Removing processed food from the diet and replacing with foods in their natural form is a huge plus. The closer a food is to nature, the higher the quality, the higher the vitamin and mineral content.


The solution to prevent or reduce bone loss is doing our best to be sure we are digesting and assimilating the minerals from our food - and of course eating REAL food, nutrient dense food which contains the vitamins and minerals we need to keep the densest bones possible as we age.

Some of the products that we use and have found to be valuable in providing the body with what it needs can be found on our shopping cart…some can be purchased @ your local health food store.

Shopping Cart...

Blessing to you all as you manifest abundant health.!

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