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There are a number of hypotheses as to the cause of neurological disorders.  Due to government regulations, we cannot speak about specific health issues, and we are not trained medical professionals.

However, the following are ideas to detoxify the body, nourish and support repair to the cells.

Hopefully you won't be overwhelmed.  Just do what you can as you can… detoxifying your body and environment as well nourishing the cells with high vibration foods, products and supplements for cleansing and repairing your cells.


It is abundantly clear that toxins play an integral part in the creation of dis-ease.

It is imperative NOT to skip the detoxification process. If nutrients, vitamins, minerals and stem cells have to wade through a sea of toxins, their chances of reaching your cells and repairing are limited.

Our body is designed to process, metabolize and clear toxins naturally. However, we live in a world where the amount of toxins we take in daily, far exceed anything this planet has ever seen before. These toxins have overwhelmed the body’s natural cleansing pathways.

Often the toxins we have taken in over the years, have bio-accumulated in the cells and symptoms of neurological distress are experienced.

Toxins are poisons which float in the fluid surrounding the cells, build up in the fatty tissues, brain and other organs - breaking down the immune system, cell to cell communication, blocking nutrients and stem cells from successfully nourishing and repairing. As long as we are eating and breathing, there is no way we can avoid all of them. However, we can eliminate the majority of them and give the body what it needs to repair itself.

Entire Article here

Once you have read about toxins, where they come from and how they bio-accumulate in the body tissues, it is imperative to do all you can to clean your body from the inside out. This process takes time. Personally I spent well over a year of product support, juicing and nourishing foods to detoxify my body.

The following products have proven to make a significant difference in removing toxins from the cells.

When looking at options and strategies to remove carcinogens, chemicals, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides and the like, there are two products which can be very helpful. There may be other products as well. These are the two we have found to be quite effective.

Calcium Montmorillonite Clay 

As the clay goes into the bloodstream…it can remove heavy metals, chemicals and other pathogens and mineralize the body. Pure calcium montmorillonite clay with many functions from removing heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins to alkalinizing the body and increasing calcium absorption into the bone mass. 

Liquid Zeolite

· Removes pathogens, which are excreted via the urine within 5   to 6 hours after each dose
· Traps chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides etc.
· Traps PCB's Teflon, depleted uranium etc.

Works quickly for removing many toxins and poisons. As toxins are removed from the cells, the deeper inbedded pathogens migrate to the cell surface for removal. There are very positive results with urine challenge tests showing a significant decrease in the amount of heavy metals excreted using this activated natural liquid zeolite.

Within 1 hour or less, of taking the zeolite, most people can already feel the detoxification effects. (This is a patented product – which is why the price is so high). More Info

Chelation Therapy - With chelation therapy (very expensive) it is imperative to understand this process removes calcium, magnesium and other nutrients to the point where you must replace the loss after each chelation treatment. As you continue with the chelation therapy, it continues to remove these nutrients you have just supplemented with, and if the body is already weak, you can understand the challenge…” 

Acai Resveratrol

Antioxidant Extreme is a broad spectrum anti-oxidant. I personally take 6 capsules per day for maintenance to scavenge out pre-cancerous cells as many years ago, I had a pre-cancerous liver condidtion.

Antioxidant Extreme neutralizes and scavenges free radicals which contribute to virtually every disease, degenerative and aging process known, that causes damage to the DNA. It also hampers damage to blood vessels caused by Type 2 high blood sugar and as a consequence assists to prevent heart and kidney degeneration. More Info

~ Remove your amalgams ~

If you have mercury fillings in your mouth, they are leaking mercury vapors 24/7. Minute amounts of mercury travel through the nerves and straight to the brain where they bio-accumulate.

When having your amalgams removed, consider taking the Red Desert® clay and the liquid zeolite before and after the procedure to assist in removing the mercury that may be circulating in your body from the procedure.

My husband spent nearly $5,000 having 10 amalgams removed. A few years later, with a different dentist, I had my 5 amalgams removed and this dentist charged approximately $175 per tooth. So, check around for prices.

This link will help you locate a holistically minded dentist in your country. *NDF is another product which we do not offer but is helpful for removal of heavy metals.


Parasites, Worms and their eggs
To remove parasites and worms consider the ParaMax. Read Here

Juicing - The effects of juicing vegetables are multi beneficial. We use many products and foods to keep our body cleansed and our pH up. Juicing was a major part in healing our bodies, bringing nutrients directly to the cells, taking us away from the low energy foods and processed food and taught us how to - cleanse the body of toxins, reduce free radicals, provide high doses of vitamins, minerals and enzymes and continue to alkalinize the body. For the rest of the story… "Juicing"

Green alkalizing drinks and Foods-

What are the most nutrient foods?
The goal is to take in nutrient dense foods so the body can receive nourishment without have to digest heavy meats, processed foods which are devoid of nutrients, contain herbicides and pesticides as well as nitrosamines which are in meat products.

The most nutrient dense foods and for the highest nutrition consider: These 3 options, which I do daily. I used these products to bring my body back into balance and continue to use them for my daily nutrition.

Blue Green algae and Spirulina (always purchase spirulina in a glass amber jar – not plastic).

Blue green algae We drink tablespoons of the liquid algae between meals. More Info 

Spirulina/Green smoothies - A Vita Mix is the most efficient blender to put all of your raw vegetables and fruits in for nourishing drinks. Why a Vita Mix? It will not destroy the enzymes in the vegetables. I can never eat all the vegetables my body needs each day, yet this blender will blend them up in seconds and I can refrigerate and use throughout the day. Raw and uncooked vegetables are going to give you the highest nutrition.

Green foods were a major part in healing our bodies, bringing nutrients directly to the cells, taking us away from the low energy foods and processed food and taught us how to - cleanse the body of toxins, reduce free radicals, provide high doses of vitamins, minerals and enzymes and continue to alkalinize the body. More Info

More Products and Ideas

GlycoBalanceSuper Immune System Booster

When we detoxify the body we are boosting the immune system… but often the situation is more urgent and we need assistance. GlycoBalance is a powerful immune system booster. Many with neurological symptoms have reported to us an increase in energy and improvement in strength, so we share. Read more

Electrolytes - Vitamins/Minerals

There are so many vitamin/mineral supplements available, it is mind boggling.

Two new supplements now being highly marketed as "the best" are HEAT PROCESSED and not organic, so we avoid them. We use the IntraMAx because it is just unlike any of the others available.

In discussing cell to cell communication the goal is to maintain an electrical charge across the cell membrane. This allows nerve cells to control muscles and muscle cells to contract and relax. Without this, muscles may weaken and cramp, nerves may fail to conduct impulses correctly, or the brain (which, after all, is a collection of nerve cells) may not function correctly.

IntraMax provides the electrolytes to do this containing over 415 essential nutrients. The vitamin and minerals are absorbed into the bloodstream 98% to 100% within minutes. MORE INFO 

Intramax is highly concentrated. You may need to start with ½ the dosage and work up to the full strength.

Good Water and electrolytes – We want to cover this briefly. Most people have the knowledge that tap water is not a good thing to drink. There are too many contaminants like fluoride, chlorine, chloramine (an ammonia compound) as well as other chemicals that have negative effects on the body systems.

Changing your water to distilled water with ionic minerals added is a must. We have been using a stainless steel distiller for nearly 15 years. It costs approximately $10 per month in electricity to operate.

Distilling removes nearly 99.5% of all the contaminants in the original water as well as all the minerals. This means you must remineralize the water.

Using pH booster for a few weeks, is helpful since it will alkalinize the water to a pH of 9.5 and structure the water so it will penetrate deeper into our cells to remove excess acids. Water with a pH of 9.5 is 500 times more alkaline than water with a pH of 7.0.

However after a short period of time, no longer than 2 months, change to drinking water closer to 7.0pH (rainwater), which is an optimum pH. Too much alkaline water over a long period causes a person to lose minerals. Concentrace minerals is what we use to re-mineralize our water
Concentrace Minerals

Drinking Water Article - More info 

Stem cell enhancer – There is much progress being made in stem cell research and those having stem cell transplants notice significant improvement.

There is a product which triggers millions of stem cells from your bone marrow into circulation every time 2 capsules are taken. Once released, your stem cells home in on damaged cells, attach, multiply and repair. I personally take 2 capsules 2x a day for my maintenance dosage . I cannot use the product name since it is network marketed. More info here

Constipation or Diarrhea

Constipation- For those needing assistance with constipation, magnesium powder, will give quick relief. The magnesium will be absorbed within minutes and begins restoring depleted reserves. Although magnesium is needed by the body for over 300 functions – one of the first responses people have is the great assistance in constipation relief and in facilitating the movement of waste through the elimination process, as well as relaxing muscles.
more info…

Diarrhea – If this is a problem, try doubling up on the Red Desert® clay. Some people will take 1 tsp of Red Desert® clay multiple times per day, which can slow the bowel movements down significantly.

pH Testing – For those wanting to test their saliva and urine pH, consider these sticks, which are plastic and do not bleed. They are pretty accurate measured in increments of .25 – however it is always best to have a holistic practitioner test your blood. Click Here

~ Important Notes ~

Aspartame - Many people have phoned me after being diagnosed with neurological disorders. Some of these are people who used aspartame (artificial sweetener) for many many years prior to their diagnosis. Please be aware, Aspartame turns to formaldehyde in the body, which is poison.

Plastic Bottles - Remember when drinking from individual water bottles, the toxins in the plastic leak into the water. We use Stainless Steel water bottles. I do not recommend the aluminum coated bottles sold at many stores - once you wash them the coating wears off and you have the toxic aluminum to deal with.

Teflon cookware / aluminum cookware – There are currently several lawsuits against manufacturers of Teflon cookware, since poisons are leached into cooked food. Consider only stainless steel and corningware.

~ To further alkalize the body and nourish the cells ~

Eating organic and live foods – If you were to put a hamburger next to alfalfa sprouts, it would be obvious one is alive and growing and the other is quite dead. One is alkalizing for the body the other is acidic. One will nourish the body, the other will sustain you temporarily making the liver, kidneys and entire digestive tract work overtime.

My point is to begin to look at food in a new way. I spend more time in the produce department of my health food store than any other section picking up foods which are fresh and alive which = alkalizing effect on the body.

When we started the process of changing our food to higher quality nourishment it appeared overwhelming. So, we first changed from processed, frozen, pre-packaged food to organic products moving next to the Nutrex spirulina, algaes and juicing.

The more high quality green foods you eat, the more vitamins, minerals and enzymes, the less acidic you will become. Do your best to eat your vegetables raw. I was stunned to discover yams/sweet potatoes sliced raw for a snack tasted good…! and uncooked, they are the “good carbs.”

Once the toxins and heavy metals are removed, nourishment can reach the cells much more effectively. The cells of your body are the building blocks to health. When they are healthy, you are healthy.

Blessings to you as you manifest abundant health.

While I know many of you have specific medical questions, only qualified experts can advise on individual cases. Use my suggestions to arm yourself with knowledge to discuss with your doctors. The more informed you are, the better questions you will ask of your health care providers. This will help you determine if your doctor is right for you.

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