*Potent *Strong *Effective Systemic Enzyme

Goal – Clean the Debris in the Blood

  • Digest/filter out blood clots and debris in blood
  • Reducing fibrin in the blood
    and cardiovascular system
  • Reduce clumping of blood platelets (blood clots)
  • Digesting scar tissue
  • Pain - Reduce or Eliminate Inflammation
    Including joint and chronic pain
  • Improving blood circulation
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Cleaning Our Blood

The goal with systemic enzymes is to create a healthy blood flow by removing the excess fibrin which forms in the tissues, blood and throughout the body as we age - noticeably in our 40’s and 50’s since our natural production of enzymes decreases. Also for those of us who's digestion is not working optimally there may be large particles of protein floating in the blood, and systemic enzymes can break these down small enough to be filtered out.

Fibrin and debris in the blood can clog arteries,  and lead to inflammatory conditions such as chronic pain, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular issues, autoimmune disorders, sclerosis and inflamed joints etc. This is the reason many adults are put on blood thinning medications.

Obviously it is not helpful if we are also eating the Standard American Diet; but in any case top quality systemic enzymes such as Neprinol can be very beneficial.

We have recently switched from Vitalzym to Neprionol which contains 10 times more active ingredients such as:

Nattokinase and Serrapeptase - These break down fibrin and are the most potent fibrin-degrading enzymes helping to reduce blood clots, unclump platelets and digest scar tissue.

Bromelain - Also helps reduce fibrin and increases the conversion of plasminogen into plasmin; but does not dissolve fibrin clumps that have already formed.

As the blood begins to thicken with age, our blood pressure can increase putting a strain on our arteries. Reducing the concentration of fibrinogen in the blood can lead to the reduction of arterial plaque and blood clots.

For this reason keeping our blood clean is vitally important to take the strain off the arteries and to improve circulation into the very tiny capillaries so that all the vitamins, minerals, stem cells and nourishment can more easily reach tissues needing healing and repair.

NOTE: Consult your healthcare professional before taking Neprinol or systemic enzymes if you are a hemophiliac or on drugs for blood coagulation such as prescription blood thinners i.e. Coumadin and Heparin, and others, because the enzymes in Neprinol can cause the drugs to work better and your medications might thin the blood too much.

Consult your physician if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Keeping The Blood Clean

I still continue to have my blood viewed every so often with the dark field analysis. Two winters ago I chose to stop the systemic enzymes and 6 months later the microscope revealed my platelets were beginning to clump slightly, so I have chosen to stay on a daily regime of a low dosage, 4 capsules in the early am. I am currently 55 years old and this is often needed at this age to maintain healthy fibrin levels.

Excess fibrin develops as we age. We are born with a finite amount of enzymes which digest and dissolve the fibrin naturally. If we have lived our life eating mostly plants (fruits and vegetables which contain rich sources of enzymes), and little animal products, we may have adequate enzymes to last us our entire lifetime.

Since most of us have lived on cooked and processed foods, the enzymes we were born with have been used up by our late 20’s. As we age the body’s ability to manufacture enzymes diminishes. However, when we consume raw plants and algae, these naturally contain enzymes to digest our meals which will support keeping the blood cleaner.

Clogged Arteries and Capillaries
Sclerosis or Fibrosis
Oxidative stress

The first thing systemic enzymes offer is the digestion of fibrin that may help with sclerosis or fibrosis which is hardening of bodily tissues and organs, clogged arteries and capillaries, oxidative stress, sticky platelets which often develop into pain and inflammation in the body. The goal is to improve blood viscosity so it more resembles a clear running brook as opposed to a swamp. 

Nattokinase is one of these fibrin digesting enzymes derived from fermented soybeans enhancing the body’s ability to dissolve blood clots and maintain blood viscosity and cardiovascular health. Serrapeptase is a protein-degrading enzyme derived from a species of bacteria known as Serratia Mercesans originally found in the intestines of silkworms and is a  major enzyme with an anti-coagulating function necessary to dissolve arterial plaque and fibrin, breaking down blood clots as well. These two combined work remarkably well in a synergistic blend of bromelain, protease and lipase.

Why is Neprinol More Effective than other brands?

Neprinol starts off with at least 10 times more of these fibrinolytic enzymes than any other brand we have looked at. Two of these enzymes are nattokinase and serrapeptase. 

Neprinol contains a potent synergistic blend of…

  • Serrapeptase- breaks down blood clots and arterial plaque
  • Nattokinase- maintains blood viscosity and cardiovascular health
  • Lipase- digests fat in the blood stream and converts it to energy
  • Protease- supports a healthy immune system
  • Amla- maintains normal acid and pH balance in nerves, brain and hair           tonic
  • Papain- expedites healing of bruises and tissue injuries
  • Bromelain- helps maintain healthy skin
  • Rutin- builds strong capillaries and connective tissue
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Magnesium

Many systemic enzymes have very little serrapeptase and nattokinase in them and these ingredients should be at the top of the ingredient list.

Systemic Enzymes are used for 

  • Digesting debris from the cardiovascular system
  • Unclumping platelets
  • Reducing chronic Pain
  • Arthritis – Fibromyalgia
  • Sclerosis
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Cleaning debris in the blood
  • Liver function
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Scar Tissue
  • Clogged arteries – poor blood circulation
  • Post – Operative Scarring
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Joint Function
  • Fibrosis of organs

What Else Can I do To Cleanse My Blood?

Plants naturally contain enzymes. When we eat them, they digest easily because they contain their own enzymes. When we eat raw vegetables and some fruits, the digestive organs i.e. liver, gall bladder, kidneys and intestines are not put under stress as they are when we eat meat, poultry, dairy and the like. This is why eating more vegetarian meals is recommended.


How much to use is a personal decision.
Depending on age and health conditions everyone’s dosing is a little bit different. Consider discussing the following with your healthcare expert.

For some people, starting with 3 capsules 3x per day or 5 capsules 3x a day, for one or two months (depending on the recommendation of your nutritional consultant) has been quite effective to reduce the fibrin tissue and clean the blood and unstick the platelets. Once symptoms improve dosages are reduced and eventually as low as a few capsules daily are taken for maintenance.

Other people choose to start slowly with 2 capsules 2x a day and then build up to higher dosages. The older generation usually have more cardiovascular issues and more fibrin and debris in the blood especially those who have been eating sugary diets, animal based diets and less raw fruits and vegetables.

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