MDS Forte
MILAGRO de la Selva
Safe, medicinal drops

Effectively used for: 

  • Lowering glucose levels
  • Reducing Cholesterol, triglycerides
  • Stimulating detoxification and cleansing of the liver and kidneys 
  • Aids digestion and IBS
  • Assists in lowering elevated liver enzymes

MDS Forte (Milagro de la Selva) medicinal drops are a proprietary blend of specific native plants found in the jungle of the Guatemalan Rainforest.  These organic herbs have been found clinically and scientifically to reduce the glucose levels quickly, reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels as well as stimulate the liver and kidneys to detoxify, aiding digestion, and lowering elevated liver enzymes. This is the tea the Mayan medicine men drank a thousand years ago, which kept their glucose levels low. 

“The herbs in Milagro de la Selva will help the liver to detoxify, and will stimulate the liver enzymes to start the conversion of blood glucose into glycogen; a form of sugar that is stored in the liver to be released when muscles are put to work during physical activity, and will stimulate the insulin receptors of the cells to accept the insulin that is produced by the pancreas; thus bringing relief in a natural way. MDS Forte will not treat the symptoms of diabetes, as medications do…..” Alberto Ruiz, NMD

MDS Forte is very carefully processed to preserve the enzymes which are the key elements that make this specific blend quite effective. These are not caffeine stimulating, and there are no reported harmful side effects.

IMPORTANT NOTE for diabetics: Dr. Ruiz recommends that you start using the drops along with your present medication. When the glucose levels begin to drop, you can gradually reduce the dosage of the medication – always discuss this with your doctor first – he/she may be quite surprised. When you take both the drops and the medication, you MUST test your glucose levels every day, as you may notice a significant drop quickly. Alberto Ruiz, NMD

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Although my blood sugar levels are in the 87 to 91 range, I use these drops daily to aid in my disgestion, to support my pancreas and to help my liver and kidneys to stay detoxified.

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