Milagro de la Selva

INSTRUCTIONS for preparing
Miracle of the Rainforest Tea

Bring 4 cups of quality water (no tap water) to a boil in a non-aluminum pot; you can use stainless steel, enamel or glass. Add 3 tablespoons of Milagro de la Silva tea and boil lightly for 10 minutes. It is a little awkward measuring this tea in the tablespoon, so just do your best. Make sure you cover the pot to reduce the water evaporation.

Remove the pot from the heat, let cool and steep overnight… approx 12 hours. Then strain through a fine stainless steel mesh into a glass jar. Mason jars work great. The steeping period is very important because this is the process which allows all the enzymes and components to be extracted. Discard the used herbs – do not re-use them.

Keep the tea refrigerated until you are ready to use it. This is a one day supply, and is best if you drink this ½ to 1 hour before a meal, so the enzymes contained can stimulate the insulin receptors of your cells to accept the insulin that is released when you eat your meal. Do your best and drink even if you cannot wait the entire ½ hour. Know all will be well. Drink the tea cold. Sometimes I let it sit on the counter 5 minutes to take the chill off – but the enzymes are active, so put a timer on, to remind yourself to drink.

Do not reheat this tea that will destroy the enzymes.

If you have to work, do your best to drink the tea before lunch. If you can only drink your tea in the am and then finish the rest throughout the evening – this will still have a positive benefit – it is just most effective before meals. If you can take the tea to work wonderful – if you cannot all will be well. Do your best without any stress.

You can double the water and tea to make a double batch for a 2 day supply. The tea can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. Do Not Reheat.

Drink 3 cups per day – or more. You can drink this cup all at once or sip on it slowly. Some people like to drink 4 or 5 cups per day, which is just fine – you cannot overdose.


Although the tea starts working immediately, the greatest affect for the body will be with consistent use for 6 months - even 3 months. As your diet is changed to more of a raw food vegan approach, the blood sugar and the rest of the body begins to come back into balance more quickly. An excellent book to read is There is a Cure for Diabetes, by Dr. Gabriel Cousens.

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