MRSA - Flesh Eating Bacteria

Removing Bacteria from the Body

Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
Mycobacterium Ulcerans (Buruli Ulcer)

What removes this infection from the body?

Red Desert Clay eats this unfriendly bacteria. MRSA is an antibiotic resistant bacteria, a serious and potentially fatal infection caused by the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria.

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MRSA is similar to Buruli Ulcer. Both are bacteria infections.

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Buruli Ulcer is a strain of bacteria known as Mycobacterium Ulcerans infection. This is the same bacteria which causes tuberculosis and leprosy.

The Mycobaterium Ulcerans first appears as an ulcer or a pimple, which produces a toxin that eats away at the skin and muscles, destroying the soft tissue. This toxin overwhelms the immune system response, allowing it to spread to all over the body and down to the bone.

Africa, Asia and other tropical areas are the countries where this disease is prevalent.

Graphic pictures of the buruli ulcer, you may not want to look at.


There are plenty of articles on the internet if you want more information. Treatment is usually antibiotics and surgery.

We sent our Red Desert® Clay to a customer in New York with a family member living in Cyprus afflicted with buruli ulcer. His doctor told him he needed a specific calcium montmorillonite clay to stop the bacteria. Once our clay was delivered to Cyprus this man ate it every day, as well as spread clay packs over the ulcers themselves. Six months later, I received a phone call from our customer in New York letting me know that the buruli ulcer was down to one small spot, nearly gone.

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