Limited Supply 
Red Desert
® Clay

September 2018

We love all of our customers and thank you so very much for connecting with us in the way you have over the years. 

Limited Supply ~ We have in our warehouse a limited supply of this clay from the last mining.  This supply might last 2 years. 

Here is the rest of the story:  There is a remote area in the hot, dry, arid desert where this unique clay deposit has existed for over 10 million years.  This beautiful land (owned by my friend) was tested by geologists and the minerals were found to be extremely valuable – probably worth at least 1 billion dollars. Shortly after testing the land was taken by the government (via eminent domain) and we can no longer mine additional clay. 

The minerals in this specific clay are very effective and only available in this one spot.  It both aDsorbs and aBsorbs toxins 100x more than its own weight.

Due to changes in government regulations, all of our edible clay for people is now being relabeled.  Therefore, the remaining supply of Red Desert® clay now has a pet label on every jar.

Red Desert® Clay for Pets.

We are unable to discuss all the details of why only a pet label.  However, this is the only way we could sort out moving forward with a great edible clay for the time being.

Currently there is a 7oz jar available and by November we should have a 1lb and 2lb jar available as well.  Purchase Here>>

Can humans eat Red Desert® Clay for Pets?

With all the phone calls - we apologize that we cannot answer everyones individual questions.  Here is what we can say.

This Red Desert® Edible clay for Pets has been mined from the same clay deposit as Red Desert® Edible clay for People. We personally have been eating this clay every day for 14 years as well as brushing our teeth with it, as we like what it offers our body.  However.... government regulations do not allow clay to be labeled as edible for people.

It is now only packaged for pets and we cannot advise or make any suggestions to another person regarding their personal internal use.  Please discuss your decision to personally use this clay with your health practitioner.


The Southwestern desert where the Red Desert clay was mined, gives each particle of this clay an exceptionally high electrical charge (due to the limited rainfall) bringing about tiny, tiny particles sizes - tiny enough to move easily into the bloodstream to reach the cells. 

This ONE natural clay deposit a creation of hydrothermal action formed by Mother Nature millions of years ago contains a unique and specific combination of highly charged minerals that have a very beneficial effect on the body binding to many different toxins, radiation, mercury, heavy metals etc.  A NASA study conducted many years ago showed how Red  clay had a significant effect increasing bone mass when fed to animals in their feed.



I have heard from some who have eaten our clay for many years, that they are worried and panicked for when the clay is no longer available. However, those thoughts and feelings do not help us to feel better.  During times like this, I always remind myself:


I’ve decided that ~



 Maryanne Maldonado, Owner of I-Am Perfectly Healthy

   So I share.

  Sincerely, Maryanne Maldonado