Limited Supply 
Red Desert
® Clay

June 2018

I am delighted and relieved to announce that we have been given access to a supply of our Red Desert® Edible clay that has been safely stored since the last mining.  We are purchasing this now, and expect to have enough clay for the next couple of years which will be bottled in jars and capsules.

There is no expiration on Red Desert Clay.  We have:

  •     2lb & 4lb jars of Red Desert® Clay powder and
  •     Red Desert® Clay for Pets 

**Capsules will be here soon - hopefully by end of June

We love all of our customers and thank you so very much for connecting with us in the way you have over the years.  

I have heard from some who are worried and panicked for when the clay is no longer available. However, those thoughts and feelings do not help us to feel better.  During times like this, I always remind myself:

 “My intention in life is to be happy.”

I’ve decided that ~

“No matter what,

Everything always works out for me.”

 Maryanne Maldonado, Owner of I-Am Perfectly Healthy

    June 2018



This beautiful land was tested by geologists and the minerals were found to be extremely valuable – worth approximately 1 billion dollars. Shortly after testing the land was taken by the government (via eminent domain) and we can no longer mine additional clay. 

Why?  Because the minerals in this specific clay are very effective, unique and only available in this one spot.

Please note: I have been eating Red Desert clay every day for 14 years. The "powers to be" are now classifying edible clay as an illegal substance. You may notice in the upcoming time period that edible clay becomes more and more scarce and not easily available to purchase.  

I don't like any of these controls.  However, I refuse to live in despair trying to cope with it all, because that feels awful.  I am going to continue to enjoy my life and have decided to shift my focus to "No matter what, all is well and life is only going to get better from here!"  

So I share.

How Red Desert clay works in the body is amazing!

The hot, dry, arid Southwestern desert where the Red Desert® clay was mined, gives each particle of this clay an exceptionally high electrical charge (due to limited rainfall) bringing about tiny, tiny particle sizes - tiny enough to move easily into the bloodstream to reach our cells. 

This ONE natural clay deposit, a creation of hydrothermal action formed by Mother Nature millions of years ago contains a unique and specific combination of highly charged minerals that have a very beneficial effect on the body binding to many different toxins, radiation, chem trails, mercury, heavy metals, unfriendly bacteria, etc and promotes stronger bones as well as improving other health conditions. 

 Red Desert® clay is very unique and quite effective and

we hope you have had wonderful results.