Iaso Tea OR
the Alternative ParaMax

ParaMax is much more potent than IASO TEA

Paramax is preferred for a deeper cleanse with EIGHT additional ingredients including caprylic acid for removing excess yeast.

This combination will eliminate those pesky parasites and other microbial bacteria as well, stimulating the entire digestive system to function better!


The reason many lose from 5lbs to 15lbs when using detoxification products for intestinal cleansing is generally due to the flushing out of waste and parasites that have impeded the healthy function of the digestive organs.

A percentage of ParaMax users will experience weightloss - due to cleansing the waste that has built up in the colon, sometimes several pounds worth. This weight-loss is common when detoxifying the colon. Occasionally one will continue to lose additional weight, as the health of the digestive tract improves.

Enjoy while manifesting abundant health.!

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The I-AmPerfectlyHealthy Team 
Tucson AZ 

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