What is a Ganglion Cyst?

  • Ganglion cyst is a term used to describe a mass or swelling that forms on or around joints or tendons, in the wrists, ankle, top of the foot, near the toes sometimes knees or elbows but they can be found on the spine as well as other parts of the body.
  • Although benign, they typically look like tumors which are filled with a clear fluid, and as they get larger in size they put pressure on the nerves, joint or surrounding tissue which can become irritated and painful.  They can be small or large, soft or hard. 

When on the foot these cysts can interfere with wearing shoes, as well as making walking painful. 

Additional photos of ganglion cysts on the foot and knee.     

Why Do Ganglion Cysts Appear? What causes them? 
There is no clear cut answer as to what causes them or why they form. The general assumption is that they are caused by injury or the over use of a joint such as might be the case with athletes, gymnasts, tennis or golf pro’s, yoga instructors, even typists and pianists to name a few; but not everyone who overuses a joint ends up with a ganglion cyst.

My theory includes that wherever the injury or stressed spot is, toxins start collecting, building up in that area sometimes crystallizing and becoming hard - forming lumps. 

What Are the Treatment Options? 

Occasionally ganglion cysts go away on their own.  However aspiration and surgery are the standard treatments.  With aspiration a needle is usually injected into the cyst to drain the fluid and sometimes includes injecting a steroid compound (anti-inflammatory). If the cyst is deep or tangled around nerves and tendons surgery can be tricky trying to remove the entire root without damaging surrounding tissue.  This is often the time people find our website looking for alternative solutions or after experiencing their cyst returning after surgery or aspiration.

Dissolving the Cyst ~ How Long Does it Take? 

“Dear Maryanne... I was diagnosed with a ganglion cyst last June. I started eating calcium montmorillonite clay consistently every day. The cyst totally disappeared within 2 months. Thank You!!!!  Surgery was not an option!  I continue to eat the clay as it has improved my energy levels!...”  Jo-Ann A. - Henrietta, NY

Obviously you will want to have your ganglion cyst diagnosed and then decide with your doctor what is the best option for you.  We could fill pages and pages and pages of testimonials from customers whose ganglion cysts disappeared eating the calcium montmorillonite clay when taking one tsp of clay powder twice a day or 5 or 6 clay tablets twice a day.  

We make no guarantee that your cyst will dissolve as we are sharing information received from our customers; however, the general response within 2 weeks of eating calcium montmorillonite clay is that these cysts either start to get smaller or begin to break down which continues until they are gone – generally 6 to 8 weeks plus or minus.  There is the occasional customer who has said their ganglion cyst dissolved slower than that and those who have had much quicker results.  Two people told me they took 1 tsp of clay three times per day for the first month and then a reduced serving after that. 

Important Notes:

  • We recommend that once a cyst has been eliminated to continue with the clay for another 4 weeks or so to help remove any roots that might be deeper around tendons or nerves.
  • If you are not having results, this is often due to taking a smaller dosage than suggested; but do ask your practitioner as we are not here to replace their suggestions.  
  • Constipation:  If you have any issues with constipation, or slow bowels, always add in magnesium powder to keep the bowels flowing and the toxins moving out. Natural Calm magnesium is available on our shopping cart. Take 1 to 3 teaspoons in the evening dissolved in a few ounces of hot water; then add cool water and drink.
  • We never guarantee your ganglion cyst will dissolve, but we are super hopeful that it will, since it has been successful for thousands of our customers.
  • Remember this clay goes everywhere in the body detoxifying and removing many, many pathogens AND strengthens bones.  

How Does the Calcium Montmorillonite Clay Remove Toxins? 

Calcium montmorillonite clay or Red Desert Clay, is highly charged by Mother Nature containing particles so tiny - that most are between two and three microns in size and when eaten - these tiny particles are able to move into the bloodstream, effectively scavenging out, attaching and binding to toxins throughout the body, taking them to the bowels for elimination. When I say 2 to 3 microns in size, keep in mind a hair on your head is approximately 50 to 75 microns in diameter.

If a ganglion cyst or any cyst or tumor consists of a buildup of toxins, this clay will often do the job of removing them. 

Not all calcium monmorillonites are the same.  What makes this premium calcium montmorillonite clay unique is the specific combination of minerals, small particle size and the abundance of negatively charged ions (each particle has its own ionic field of energy) created from the hydrothermal activity of the dry arid desert where they are mined.  When clay minerals are in this environment, they lose a water molecule, which renders them electrically negative.  Very powerful for binding to radiation, heavy metals, mercury and many other pathogens. 

Calcium montmorillonite clay is alkalizing for the body and leaves behind essential minerals, as well as moving calcium into the bones. The toxins it binds to is quite helpful, since we live in a world where the toxic load from food, air and water alone is more than our bodies were designed to eliminate on their own. 

We first heard about the success of dissolving ganglion cysts from Ran Knishinsky who wrote The Clay Cure.  

He wrote the following:

Why I Started Eating Clay by Ran Knishinsky 

“I was first introduced to clay eating after a strange growth popped up on the back of my wrist. At the time, I didn’t give it much thought so I ignored the problem, thinking it would go away, but the opposite happened – the lump grew large in size. When it became a real interference, I had no choice but to get the bump checked out. My doctor diagnosed it as a “ganglion cyst,” a cystic tumor usually connected with a joint or tendon.”

… as the story goes, Ran’s doctor told him surgery and smashing the cyst with a Bible were the only options. Ran read his medical books, and ended up at the health food store where he chatted with the store owner. The store owner explained that the cyst was due to the buildup of poisons that had crystallized in the joint area. He recommended eating very special clay earth minerals.

…”I was not adverse to the idea of eating clay. I used to do it as a kid, sometimes eating charcoal or chalk. I had also heard of people eating clay for medical purposes….

…NO sooner had I begun eating the clay day in and day out than within a period of two months, the growth shrank till it was completely gone. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I showed my family the results – what was now a normal-looking wrist. My father attributed the disappearance of the cyst to coincidence. My mother claimed it was bound to shrink on its own anyway. Nobody cared to know the truth – it seemed too simple…..” 

~ A few Customer Comments ~

"Hello - I want to let you know how I have responded to the use of calcium montmorillonite clay. I came across your site last year when googling for information about wrist ganglions. I've had a ganglion for several years after a cup fell out of a cupboard onto my wrist. It was becoming very unsightly and increasingly uncomfortable, as well as making my wrist swell around it.

I looked for calcium montmorillonite clay in the UK, and found a stockist in Glasgow. I gave the clay a trial run, and was pleased to see a reduction in the size within a week. There was slow steady improvement for several weeks, then it seemed to stop, and eventually I gave myself a break from the clay. I was hectically busy at work, and it was too easy to forget to take it daily. People had stopped noticing the ganglion, and the discomfort had greatly decreased, so I felt that I could live with the state of my wrist as it was.

After a few months, I reconsidered this decision, and thought that as my ganglion had reduced by more than half its original size, I should try using the clay again. And this time, the improvement was frankly astonishing. Within a couple of weeks, it had disappeared completely, the surrounding swelling had cleared up, and my wrist looks perfectly normal for the first time in years. As you can imagine, I am relieved and delighted by this. Thank you for the invaluable information provided on your website. Please feel free to use this email as a testimonial for your clay."

- Rachel Grant (Mrs), Newcastle upon Tyne, England

"Dear Maryanne, I just wanted to share the good news. It's only been just under three weeks that I've been taking Calcium Montmorillonite clay and my wrist has improved dramatically. I have almost full range motion in my wrist and the pain is down to minimal. The clay has saved me from the risks of surgery and spending thousands of dollars. I'll be doing push-ups and playing my guitar again very soon! I couldn't be happier!"

- Dave S. - Naples Florida 

"Dear Maryanne, I had a diagnosed ganglion cyst for about 6 months. I had two cortisone shots which only gave the cyst temporary relief. 

God lead me to your site and I read the background information about Red  Desert clay and how  it removes toxins from your body. God is in the business of miracles! Two days after taking this clay the pain and inflammation had disappeared and the cyst is gradually disappearing. Thank you."

- Ruthe D. Colorado Springs,CO

"Maryanne, I have talked to you in the past and I just wanted to let you know I have just finished an entire bottle of 250 tablets of calcium montmorillonite clay. The good news is that the ganglion cyst I had on the bottom of my right foot has completely disappeared. This product is absolutely fantastic!"

- Chuck H. Southfield MI.

Sebaceous Cyst - I bought Calcium Montmorillonite Clay in early March. Shortly after receiving it I was scheduled to see my Podiatrist for an ingrown toenail. At the appointment, I had shown her a lump on the  inside of my right ankle. She determined that it was a sebaceous cyst (the size of half a golf ball!) She had told me that she could excise it surgically on another visit, and that in time, it could present problems by pressing on nerves, and creating numbness. I had been taking the Calcium Montmorillonite Clay for about a week prior to the first appointment. 2 weeks later on a follow up visit for evaluating the removed ingrown toenail,  I had discovered that the cyst was gone! So in just 3 weeks of using this wonderful natural product, I am not worrying about having to have the ankle surgery! Thank you Maryanne for your website, and your wonderful product!

- Cathy D. Franktown, CO

Stenosis/Cyst - If you recall, I had symptoms very similar to yours and was looking for any kind of relief. My back pain and sciatica seemed to get worse and worse each day until I was at my wits end. Just days before I was to go in for major back surgery, I found this site online. I had discovered that my stenosis was caused by a cyst, and was searching around on the web for a cure. I ordered calcium montmorillonite clay that day. In 4 to 5 weeks my sciatica was completely gone. I have since resumed all physical activities including weight lifting, walking, swimming, yoga, and palates.

- Barry H., California


Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Remember: A physical exam is the first thing to do for evaluation and to diagnose a ganglion cyst. 

2) Recap - How Much Clay Do I Need to Take? 
Many customers have phoned us reporting great results sharing that the dosage which worked for them was 1 rounded tsp of clay powder two times per day or 5 to 6 tablets two times per day.

If you are super sensitive to detox, you may want to start with less and in a few days increase to the higher amounts. Most tell us their ganglion cyst dissolved within two months. If you reduce the dosage of this clay down (take too little), you may not have the desired results.

We do not have clinical data explaining exactly why Red Desert® clay has been so successful in eliminating ganglion cysts.  We are sharing the information we have received from customers for the past 10 years, so you can make an informed decision in regards to what you want to do.

Some of this feedback has been posted above.  

3) Constipation/Sluggish bowels - If this is you, it is highly suggested to add the magnesium powder to your regime (you can find this on our shopping cart).  Magnesium deficiency is super common for many, often because we are not eating enough raw green leafy vegetables or fibrous foods. 

Adding in one to three teaspoons magnesium powder in the evening can make a huge difference relaxing bowels and moving toxins out smoothly. You can take magnesium more than once a day if needed.  

Mother Earth magnesium liquid is my preference as it has less of a laxative effect than the magnesium powder Natural Calm.

4) How Long Will it Take for My Cyst to Dissolve? 
This is individual. Most report to us their ganglion cyst dissolved in a few weeks to two months taking it daily but for some it may take longer; however we do not guarantee anyone's cyst will dissolve. 

5) Can Calcium Montmorillonite Clay be Used for Other Purposes if I don’t have a ganglion cyst? 
Absolutely. This clay is helpful at binding to many toxins - including pesticides, mercury, chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, and other pathogens... as well as some medications, and is helpful for strengthens bones.

I personally have been eating clay every day for over 12 years to remove toxins taking in from just daily breathing!  It provides  minerals to my cells as well as assisting in moving calcium into my bones.

DENTAL USE:  I have used this clay as my toothpaste, as it binds to unfriendly bacteria around the gum line eliminating dental pockets.  After flossing, I make some thick mud and dip my toothbrush into this.

Spider Bites or snake bites and these types of things will respond to clay packs of mud placed over the injury.

Facial:  You can also take a few teaspoons of the clay and make some thick mud, spread it on your face for a strong facial. Leave it on until it dries, then rinse off in the shower.

Other benefits - READ Premium Calcium Montmorillonite Clay - Complete Article

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