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     The goal with Cerule from my perspective is to offer products

    that address all aspects of health

without using inferior or low quality ingredients. 

These first three products can be taken individually or in combination.

StemEnhance Ultra - Our stem cells can become any tissue of the body. The goal with StemEnhance Ultra is to move millions of our stem cells from the bone marrow into circulation where they are consistently available to become new cells, renew cells, and replace damaged or aging cells.

Cyactiv - Is a potent anti-inflammatory that calms down systemic inflammation in the body caused by a myriad of health conditions. Sustained inflammation can reduce the ability of stem cells and other nutrients to reach the tissues in need, compromising the body's ability to self heal.  

This product is a proprietary phycocyanin extract from spirulina. Phycocyanin is the blue pigment in blue-green algae and is a potent active compound proven to help balance and calm systemic inflammation.

Cyactiv's antioxidant protection has a neutralizing affect on free radicals and provides cellular protection against the formation of new oxidatvie stress.  It works as a selective inhibitor of COX-2, a key enzyme involved in inflammation that prevents stem cells from reaching and rejuvenating tissue. 

PlasmaFlo - Bloodflow is the delivery system throughout the body. Two things that prevent stem cells, vitamins/minerals and oxygen from reaching our tissues needing repair is excess fibrin and systemic inflammation.  

PlasmaFlo is a proprietary blend of proteolytic and fibrinolytic enzymes, concentrated plant extracts and potent antioxidants.  These ingredients are excellent for digesting excess fibrin in the blood (fibrin is what makes the blood thick and platelets clumpy) in such a way as to improve the delivery of nutrients and stem cells through the capillaries to our tissues.

It also provides nutrition to help prevent the formation of fibrin, combats oxidative stress and vascular inflammation.  Cleansing the fibrin allows an unobstructed blood flow whereby the stem cells can reach their destination.

PlasmaFlo supports 3 vital vascular components

  • Vascular flow
  • Vascular integrity
  • Vascular health

Cyactv is the result of 7 years of research and development and inculdes 4 human clinical trials and numerous in-vitro studies.

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Cerule currently manufactures three key ingredients, StemEnhance®, Cyactiv® and Mesenkine™, that constitute the core of its three signature products. This means that Cerule controls the process every step of the way, ensuring the premium quality that consumers have come to expect and trust.

The ingredients we do not grow or harvest ourselves come from the industry’s most reputable, GMP certified companies. All ingredients, including Cerule’s own, undergo rigorous quality testing in-house with third party verification.  

The ingredients in all of our products are guaranteed for purity and safety. 

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