Potent, Effective, Successful for

Eliminating Excess Candida

  • Potent Enzyme Activity
  • Effective, Starts working immediately
  • Specific Enzymes (vegan) formulated specifically to best digest the cell wall of yeast
  • Not an anti- fungal, which cause yeast to release more toxins, causing die-off reactions
  • Children can use Candisol
  • Well tolerated formula

Candida will NOT become resistant to the specialty enzymes in Candisol.

Candisol is a potent fiber digesting enzyme product designed to break apart the cell wall of yeast. Candida’s cell wall consists mostly of fiber, which becomes hard and packed down.

When will I start feeling better?

Candisol starts working right away. The longer you have had a yeast problem, the longer you will likely need to use probiotics and enzymes to eliminate the excess yeast. For more info on food modifications to faster resolve a yeast issue, read our article on Candida.

Candisol Contains:

Vegetarian Cellulase - 65,000CU
Vegetarian Hemicellulase - 40,000 HCU
Vegetarian Zylanase - 2,000 XU
Vegetarian Beta-glucanase - 200BGU

Other ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, L-Leucine, HPMC vegetable capsule

Candisol is taken in the early am and in the evening away from food – on an empty stomach

Should I Use Probiotics with Candisol?

It is highly recommended to use a probiotic supplement along with the Candisol. Why? With yeast overgrowth there is not enough beneficial bacteria in the GI tract to keep the yeast in check. Probiotics are designed to re-establish this "good" bacteria.

Many high quality probiotics need proper refrigeration before purchasing and after. Some probiotics are excellent at the time of manufacturing, but have not been stored properly since, which means there are less viable Live cultures in the probiotic to replenish intestinal flora.

I took probiotics for about 6 months to re-establish my intestinal flora.

Often doctors will recommend taking probiotics for months after antibiotics or a yeast problem. Personally I take a probiotic every day. We have a probiotic/prebiotic/yeast cleanse on our shopping cart which does not need special care as in refrigeration. Syntol delivers the spores to the intestinal mucosa where they will germinate forming the Live bacteria. This is quite helpful so you do not have to be concerned about how viable the probiotic cultures are when you purchase. PROBIOTICS

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