Eliminate Candida and THRUSH

also known as
Candidiasis or Yeast Infection

Yeast infections of all types are becoming more and more prevelant, thanks to the use of antibiotics. Candida albicans infections are the most common type, and they can spread throughout your body.

When yeast overgrowth becomes excessive, it contributes to a vast array of health problems, and is responsible for many of the immune system breakdown disorders we see today. Please read the following report for our suggestions on our suggestions of what we have experienced first- hand to be effective in combating candida albicans infections.

Recommended: One thing we recommend for anyone who has a candida yeast infection is to have a hair mineral analysis test done. One of the known causes of candida overgrowth is the presence of heavy metals in the body.  

A hair analysis can determine which toxic heavy metals your body has been excreting and can give you an excellent baseline before you embark on any type of heavy metal cleansing or detoxification program. The hair analysis also tells you which essential minerals your body is needing more of and which important mineral ratios are imbalanced due to heavy metals.

For more information on the hair tissue mineral analysis, please click here.


All that matters is improvement from where we are and improvement is available to everyone!


What is offered here are successful ideas and products that are a good fit for many desiring to eliminate excess yeast from the body. Some of us have mild infections and others have long term systemic conditions, (such as I had) combined with numerous other chronic health issues. Either way removing the excess yeast is vitally important to feeling better. 

The products start working right away which is wonderful.  Yet, one will want to make changes in the foods eaten especially for those who have had long term systemic issues where the yeast has tenaciously entered the bloodstream (my story).  For me it was in my lungs and brain as well.  However, everything started to improve immediately once I got started.  In 6 months there was great improvement and relief. 

I was angry and felt very sorry for myself when I started this regime, and I did it all anyway!

One just has to get started.  Wherever you are is good enough..

Having a practitioner who specializes in clearing candida out of the body is a jewel for they can offer one-on-one personal assistance.  The focus will be on products to eliminate yeast, replacing the beneficial flora and what to eat.

If the problem has been long term or gone systemic (such as my personal experience), it will take a little longer and a little more focus to remove it at the root and to replenish the beneficial intestinal flora.   Thousands are doing this every year so you can as well.

Approximately 80% of the time yeast infections are due to overgrowth of candida albicans the cause of most symptoms commonly experienced. The rest of the time it is one of the other fungi. Sometimes there is more than one fungi causing the symptoms; but often once one starts clearing the yeast out of the body and replacing the beneficial flora in general, the other fungi and pathogens are reduced as well, because the body overall is stronger and the immune system is perked up. (Always helpful for the entire body to include detoxification and parasite cleanses alongside of removing the yeast.

Candisol is for Eliminating Excess Yeast

Candisol is a POTENT product containing specific yeast eliminating enzymes which will go throughout the body digesting and breaking the yeast down and clearing it out. It starts working immediately.

Some practitioners suggest taking two capsules twice a day others suggest double that. Once symptoms are gone, the general rule is to continue with a maintenance dosage for another 4 to 6 weeks, but always ask your practitioner what they suggest.

What About Probiotics?

Yes, at the same time it is imperative to replace the beneficial flora while eliminating the excess yeast. Replacing the intestinal flora may take 6 months or so - although many of us take a daily probiotic for maintenance.

It is important that the cultures contained in the probiotics you choose are still viable when purchased, meaning they have not lost too much potency between manufacturing and arriving at your home. There are several very good brands available.  

Just take the probiotics consistently for many months. We are personally using PB Formula or the other popular brand Syntol - both available on our shopping cart

SCRAM OUT with a BANG - eliminates worms, parasites and their eggs.  

This product can help some lose a little weight, because whenever one is cleansing it stimulates the body to release excess fat - unless one is consuming foods that will have the opposite effect.

RAW GARLIC FRESH - weird as this may sound, I smash a fresh clove of garlic with a spatula to break open the sacs of "alison" which contains the antifungal, antibiotic, antiviral components.  I then chop the little smashed bulb into tiny pieces and put on a spoon, then swallow.  Make sure you have food in your stomach, as this is too potent for an empty stomach.  The "alison" starts loosing its potency within 30 minutes, so do use it right away.

     Testing for Candidaclick on link for testing candida.


What Can I Eat?

In the beginning I did not know exactly where to start, yet I had a sense that if what I was eating and drinking was packaged, processed, microwaved or sugary, it probably wasn't in my highest and greatest good.  I knew I could not just start eating salads and take a vitamin supplement and expect great results.

I had not been healthy for many, many years, and it was going to take commitment, focus and lifestyle changes to bring my body back into balance.

I listened to my intuition and knew that if what I ate was far removed from nature, I had to make new choices one day at a time.  The rest of this story is at the bottom section of this article.


Over the years, I have read different perspectives from paleo, raw food vegan to vegetarian - to eating for your blood type.  I knew about none of these when I received my diagnoses in 2002, and I healed up anyway.  

There is NO ONE perfect diet plan for everyone but there are lots of ways to starve the yeast.  

There are those who must take certain medications, who have autoimmune diagnoses, chrons, IBS, and other chronic issues, so be kind, gentle and go easy on yourself. 

The goal is improvement, not perfection.

Some of the ideas offered below, might feel like too much or too overwhelming.  Everyone feels this way to some degree.  I was very overwhelmed and frightened back then.  So just start where you are, pick what is doable, and in a few weeks you can make new decisions – and more positive changes.

If one drinks alcohol regularly, or is addicted to sugary substances, this will need to be put down for the most part.  Also, alcohol and sugar addictions have likely depleted the body’s mineral reserves which makes cravings really strong. I loved sugar from age 7 to 45, so I was in a pickle but did get through it and eventually lost my sugar cravings (about  3 to 6 months process once I had re-established my mineral reserves).

A good source of  liquid vitamins and minerals is INTRAMAX .  Very easy for the body to absorb and assimilate and can help reduce cravings and while replenishing missing nutrients.

Here are some ideas for what to eat. 

Not everyone can eat everything suggested due to allergies or other digestive issues, so just pick what is doable and start there.  When the digestion is stronger, and the yeast is no longer an issue, one can often eat foods that were once on the “can’t do” list.

EAT REAL FOOD.  Think of 150 years ago when our food was not prepackaged, altered or microwaved.  Eat more like that.   Eliminate the gooey things such as granola and protein bars.  Of course that includes honey and sugar and fruits. This isn't forever, but the goal is to starve the yeast.

  • No rice, potatoes, flour, sugar, cereals, and gooey foods.
  • Put the microwave aside because you will want your food to be nutritious.

Braggs apple cider vinegar is a good digestive aide.  Add 1 to 2 tablespoons to warm water like a tea.  Drink at the beginning of meals. This is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal and aids in digestion.

Snacks - Pick from the items below and/or snack on humus and guacamole over raw vegetables.

Bone Broth -

I love this stuff and have it twice a day. It replaces a good deal of my other protein options.

Bone broth is easy to digest, has vital nutrients, high in protein and minerals and can help those with fragile digestive issues, leaky gut (very common with candida/yeast issues), Crohns, celiac, ulcerative colitis, IBS, and other autoimmune concerns.  Bones from land animals are rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and contain amino acids and essential fatty acids (and fish bones contain iodine).

Bone broth is the best when homemade, but can also be purchased dehydrated.  I take a scoop of dehydrated powder twice a day in my green drink.  This replaces other protein, which replaces the cost of meat for example.

Organic raw almond butter, or tahini are nourishing protein and fats.  I eat these most every day along with Organic Extra Coconut Oil.  Two or three tablespoons of coconut oil each day is very helpful for fighting candida.  These good fats will make your skin soft and many times psoriasis disappears as well. 

Healthy meats, chicken and fish  

I have chosen to eat some chicken, meat and fish, but not every day. 

When I do, I put my meat and chicken in the crock pot with the skin on the chicken and the fat on the meat.  Why?  The fat is very helpful for digestion.  Not to mention it is flavorful and tasty.  Many have been trained over the most recent years to remove fat and skin, but the fat is helpful for satiation (eaten in reasonable amounts) and to stabilize blood sugar as well.  With not enough good fat in the meals, we tend to snack because we don't feel full or satisfied.  Once again follow your intuition and do what feels best for you.

Note:  Toxins are stored in the fat cells of the body (including the animals we eat). The organic chicken and grass fed meat don’t have the antibiotics nor are they fed GMO grains and other toxic pesticides and chemicals - so no toxic overload.

Animal products are acidic, so small amounts of these and triple the vegetables suggested below is a much better balance.

Pasture Eggs

Personally I soft boil my eggs.  Pasture eggs are from chickens who are allowed to roam all day for grubs, bugs and earthworms and are not just fed grain in cages - or only released from their cramped cage for one hour a day.

Raw grass-fed milk and cheese 

I do use raw cheese, but did not in the first few months of candida cleansing.

Raw milk and raw cheese have not been pasteurized so they contain many beneficial nutrients i.e. calcium and phosphorus. These minerals help fight tooth decay as well. 

Pasteurization kills the good stuff in milk - realmilk.com

Many can use raw milk while candida cleansing and then there are others who cannot.  I cannot tolerate much milk, as my face breaks out.  However, I find that the good fat in raw milk and cheese slows down absorption of glucose into the blood stream, providing satiation and satisfaction and helps stabilize blood sugar.

*IMPORTANT Always, always, always take magnesium every day to be sure the calcium will break down and be absorbed into the bones, otherwise calcium attaches to the outside of bones.

Nuts and Seeds- raw and organic (protein and fat)

Nuts and seeds can be satisfying to eat. Almonds and brazil nuts are my favorite.  I also eat raw, organic almond butter on celery with celtic salt sprinkled on top.  Pumpkin, sunflower, walnuts, chia seeds, ground flax all organic are in my refrigerator.  Yes keep them refrigerated.  Avoid peanuts and cashews as they are high in mold.

Beans and lentils are just fine, but may cause gas until ones digestion has improved which means just eat little bits if you do.

Bean Pate, humus or tahini with avocados is awesome.  I eat this alongside my bowls of raw vegetables.  I dip zucchini or slices of sweet potato in it as well. There are different recipes for pates, just leave out the tortilla chips.  


Just about all vegetables are going to work well, except for the ones you know don't agree with you.  You will likely intuitively know if something is not a good match for your body.  

I tend to purchase whatever is in season and looks as though it was picked this morning.  

Consider asparagus, salad greens, beets, dandelion greens, red cabbage, celery, zucchini, eggplant, broccoli, tomatoes and so on.  

Broccoli, cauliflower:  Steamed nice and soft.  Hardly anyone can digest these well raw.  

Coconut oil, garlic and oregano are fine toppings, as are sliced almonds or walnuts - although I personally tend to eat bowls of raw vegetables alone.  The greens clean my teeth, but lots of chewing strengthens teeth as well.

Olive oil is great as long as it has not been sitting around for months, as it becomes rancid easily.

Guacamole, hummus can be spread over raw vegetables.

Yams and sweet potatos are a yes, but no potatoes with white insides.

RAW GARLIC - I take a clove of garlic in the am and smash it, then chop it in tiny pieces and swallow.  MUST HAVE food in the stomach or the garlic will be too powerful.  This is a natural antifungal, antibiotic, antiviral and the "juice" has immune building components. This is also my "scare off mosquitoes method."  Mosquitoes tend not to bite if raw garlic is in my system.


Stay away if you can for the first weeks or months.  After that quinoa, amaranth, millet and buckwheat are the safest to eat without feeding yeast. 


Lemons become alkaline once they enter the body, so they are perfectly fine. Avocados are great as well.

Fruit that is sweet is best left alone.  Generally a small amount of fresh blueberries, grapefruit, sour apples and kiwi will be okay after a few weeks of serious cleansing.   

Other fruits are too high in sugar.


Stevia and Xylitol are the only ones I use.  

Actually I still use them now many years later.


Avocado, coconut oil, olive oil and some nuts and seeds as mentioned. Do eat fat with meals so you will feel more full and satisfied.

Cod liver oil blend.  I also take 1/2 tsp of fermented cod liver oil blend multiple times per day.  This is high in Vitamins A & D and has helped heal teeth decay.  Purchased at Green Pasture.org


Why did I in addition, juice raw organic vegetables every day which was very time consuming?

Well, the vitamins and minerals are in the juice, not the pulp.  With my diagnoses, my body needed to alkalize and increase minerals quickly.

Juicing will help speed up internal cleansing, infuse the body with alkaline minerals and alkalize the body faster.

Taking supplements all day long, juicing and eating raw vegetables took a fair amount of diligence and time, and I felt sorry for myself. However, I carried on in spite of my "poor me" 

Vegetables raw are high in nutrients.   I could not eat bushels and bushels of raw vegetables every day, but I wanted the nutrients to faster replenish my mineral deficiencies.  So my green juices were potent, and roughly 12oz each.

One can drink these raw juices and eat some of the pulp as well for the fiber in the pulp is excellent - although there was way to much pulp for me to eat !  At this link is the info on WHAT TO JUICE.


Drink lots of good, clean quality water.  This is going to help the body flush and re-mineralize. There are some really great mineral waters that I prefer such as Fiji water.  At home we have been distilling our water for 20 years and add 1 tsp of Concentrace Minerals to each gallon. There are disagreements about alkaline water, distilled, reverse osmosis and bottled and so on.  Just do your best and drink lots of it.

Will Eating Yogurt Help?

Yogurt unpasteurized, organic and raw is a good source of beneficial bacteria. If it is pasteurized (even when organic) then the yogurt has been heated and this has destroyed the live bacteria.

Homepathics -

I really like homeopathic remedies when they are special made for the individual.  I took a good homeopathic remedy by the tablespoon for the first couple of months along with the Candisol enzymes.  The combination of these two products worked well for me.  The candida remedy I used was prescribed by a holistic MD, and I don't remember the brand.  An on-line search within your country for a school of homeopathy might lead you to someone in your area that can assist in creating a prescription that is a good match for your symptoms.

Homeopathics purchased in a store are not a good idea, as the bottle must be kept in a closed cabinet, away from light.

Worried? Tired and fatigued? I was exhausted and fatigued for many, many years.  When we start the process of detoxification and rebuilding this also takes a lot of energy.  My adrenals were pretty flat to begin with, so I chose to take herbs that support the adrenals to function better. Adrenal Support was something I used daily for a long time.  

What Else Can I Do?

Mercury Amalgams - As mentioned above, do have your mercury amalgams removed when you can and also take products to remove the mercury and other heavy metals which have bio-accumulated in the body.

Alaline Foods - The list here will assist in choosing alkaline foods. Sugar, coffee, meat, cooked, prepackaged items are on the highly acidic side. Most of the time we have been eating an overly acidic diet and our body pH is much lower than 7.0pH.  

Alkaline versus acidic foods here. 

Exercise - This is necessary for bringing oxygen into the body which makes it harder for candida to survive. Oxygen and alkalinity destroys candida.

Jumping on a rebounder trampoline is something I like to do and is easy for when we must be inside.

Magnesium - Why do we suggest magnesium?

Magnesium is not something the body can store easily, so I take it daily. It is necessary for over 300 body functions, relaxing muscles and helping to regulate blood sugar.  Women with PMS often find magnesium to be magnificent for relieving cramps.  If one has not been eating REAL FOOD or is dealing with constipation or slow/sluggish bowels, this will assist in relaxing the colon.  It is imperative that the bowels are moving at least once a day.

Sugar interferes with the absorption of minerals.  Since sugar is high in most diets, magnesium is low.

I prefer Mother Earth magnesium liquid as it is absorbed through the vein under the tongue and has less of a laxative effect.  Others will like Natural Calm magnesium as it does have a laxative effect.

Lastly, for those who need high amounts of magnesium or are unable to take it orally, magnesium flakes are the best way to go.  Soaking daily in a tub of warm water with a few cups of flakes is the best way to absorb magnesium.

MINERAL DEFICIENCIES tend to be associated with candida.  

Minerals are the building blocks of our cells.  So think of the produce that grows on trees and in the ground to be the highest source of vitamins and minerals as well as algae like spirulina.

An excellent practitioner can order a hair analysis to measure trace mineral levels which will help determine specifically what deficiencies there might be in your body, whereby you can add those in. Once the changes are made in diet and supplements, then one can retest in 4 months and celebrate the good news!

How Long Will It Take to be Yeast Free?

This all depends on if you have a mild or severe case, what you are eating and drinking and the products you choose to take. When you start with quality products to eliminate the yeast and replenish the beneficial flora - they start working immediately removing the excess yeast and fungus, AND probably faster than you can ingest gooey foods! 


What Causes The Yeast to Grow out of Control?

  • Birth Control Pills 
  • Steroids

           Along with

  • Consistently drinking chlorinated water 
  • Consistently Eating Unhealthy foods

These are the main culprits. Antibiotics, birth control pills and steroids destroy the friendly bacteria (beneficial flora) which allows candida to grow excessively, overpopulating throughout the body.  When we stop using them, or stop eating unhealthy foods, the excess yeast which has been produced does not just disappear on its own. One must cleanse and replace the beneficial flora.


Steroids impair the immune system. Birth control pills and/or steroids are known to cause thrush (yeast) in the mouth.

Personally, I took antibiotics every day for 12 years as a child. Who knew?  I also swam competitively for many years. Chlorinated water combined with frequent antibiotics destroys beneficial bacteria.


I had no idea how ill my body was UNTIL 25 years later.  I had my blood looked at under a microscope (known as live blood analysis or dark field microscopy) by a very well known holistic medical doctor.

The dark field microscopy revealed that the candida was raging in my digestive system and had spread to my lungs, liver and pancreas, with many infected blood cells and I had a significant level of pre-cancer liver cells, as well as high oxidative stress.

My blood platelets were clumping together - so the blood wasn't circulating as it should. Instead it was thick like a swamp. (This is not as uncommon as people may think.)

Once the candida issue was reduced, I decided to improve the blood flow as well as unclump my platelets.  I used specific fibrinolytic enzymes at high dosages initially. This worked very well.  Now I take a maintenance dosage of NEPRINOL three to four capsules every am.

Other beneficial suggestions 

Anti-fungal medications ~ we have not found these to be helpful overall, as symptoms seem to return since the core issue has not been addressed. Some drugs are even toxic to the liver.

If our mothers had chronic yeast issues during pregnancy, then this can be passed onto the baby. By the way, breastfeeding helps to build the immune system and provides beneficial flora to the baby so do this for as long as you can.


Acai Resveratrol - Potent Antioxidant for neutralizing free radicals. Helpful for the heart and for those with Type 2 blood sugar issues.

Apricot seed kernel powder / aka B17 - one of the most important products I take daily.  Take a minute to do an on-line search for:  apricot seed powder and how it works in the body.”  Very beneficial information.

Devigest - Digestive enzymes specifically helps to break down the protein, carbohydrates and fats so we can properly digest the foods we are eating and to reduce gas and bloating. By the time we are 30 years old we have used up the digestive enzymes we were born with. Two or more capsules at the beginning of each meal.

If I am eating vegetables and alkaline foods, I don't bother with digestive enzymes.  Plant foods naturally contain their own enzymes.

Celtic Salt  or Himalayan Salt - We use Celtic Salt as our only salt. This is not the same as table salt, which is dead. Celtic Salt is excellent for providing the body with 72 essential minerals and replaces your common table salt. We often put a few salt crystals straight on our tongue anytime during the day. Heat destroys the minerals, so do not cook with this salt - but do put it on your food after it is prepared. 

Celtic salt is easily found at health food stores. Himalayan is also excellent containing 84 essential nutrients, but pricier.

NOTE - Refined salt (the white stuff) is pure sodium chloride; chemically cleaned and "enriched" by additives. This is the reason we are told not to eat it. The result of consuming common table salt is the formation of overly acidic edema, or excess fluid in the body tissue, which also contributes to cellulite.


Using the above suggestions

We cannot detoxify the entire body in a month, but can make a giant step forward. The more you do, the faster your symptoms will clear. 

By cleansing the entire body over time, and remineralizing the cells, the immune system funcion will strengthen and more quickly gobble up the over abundant yeast naturally (which is what a healthy immune system is supposed to do).

~ My Regime From Years Ago - When I knew Very Little ~ 

In the beginning I did not know exactly where to start, yet I had a sense that if what I was eating and drinking was packaged, processed, microwaved or sugary, it probably wasn't in my highest and greatest good. I knew I could not just start eating salads and take a vitamin supplement and expect great results. I had not been healthy for many, many years, and it was going to take commitment, focus and lifestyle changes to bring my body back into balance.

I listened to my intuition and knew that if what I ate was far removed from nature, I had to make new choices one day at a time.


The following was written 10 years ago:

~ How I ate while candida cleansing most days  ~

Juicing twice a day for a long time - no fruit - because fruit contains sugar - but I juiced lots of raw vegetables. Juicing will help flush the body of toxins, and the juice contains a lot of minerals and vitamins which will nourish the cells and alkalinize the body. How and what to juice can be found here: Juicing 

We carry on our shopping cart "apricot seed kernal powder."  Do an on-line search for "HOW apricot seed powder works in the body."  You may be very glad you did.

~ Food Ideas ~

I do not have a "perfect diet" for you. Personally I have never enjoyed preparing food... so I eat very simply and boring.

You don't have to become a raw foodist. However, if you want to feel vibrantly Alive, you'll want to eat foods that are vibrant and Alive.

Besides the juicing -

*I daily ate large bowls of raw organic vegetables (whatever was in season) and added avocado and olive oil.

*Raw organic nuts and seeds i.e. almonds, sunflower and pumpkin are excellent choices along with walnuts. They contain good oils as well. Keep the nuts refrigerated. Cashews and peanuts are not a good idea, since nearly ALL grow mold before they are even packaged.

*Hummus and guacamole with raw vegetables.

*Try Marys Gone Crackers - These are organic dehydrated crackers that work well for dipping in humus and guacamole and for spreading almond butter on top.

* Celery with organic almond butter and celtic salt sprinkled on top, is a favorite for me.  Celtic salt contains 72 minerals essential trace minerals
which is necessary to maintain the balance of electrolytes.

Refined salt (the white stuff) is pure sodium chloride; chemically cleaned and "enriched" by additives. This is the reason we are told not to eat it. The result of consuming common table salt is the formation of overly acidic edema, or excess fluid in the body tissue,
which also contributes to cellulite.

*Lentils and beans with an onion and a few raw vegetables in the pot.  (yes I cooked a little)

Protein - Often I replace animal products with protein from organic Spirulina, Pure Synergy and rice protein powder (or even Hemp). The spirulina is 60% protein, the rice protein generally is 80%, and the hemp powder is 40% protein.  Spirulina also naturally contains chlorophyll, carotenoids, beta carotene and amino acids.  The goal is to alkalinize the body with green foods.

My morning energizing green drink contains the organic spirulina, Pure Synergy Powder, apricot seed kernal powder.  I add 1/4th  an avocado or even 1 tsp coconut oi, which allows my energy to stay stable for hours.

Soft boiled eggs.

Once a week I had one piece of chicken or a cooked hamburger.

My Veggie Wrap

After a while of being sooo good, I created this as a treat.

One tortilla (can wrap in a large cabbage or collard green or lettuce)
Organic humus
Raw organic vegetables: i.e. dandelion greens, kale, zucchini, cabbage, (choose whatever is in season) that looks alive and vibrant, as if it was just picked.

You can alternate spouted seeds, beans, and bean pate from the health food store (or something similar) - a couple of added tablespoons is delicious.

I spread a little humus on the tortilla, then I mash up 1/2 an avocado and spread this on the tortilla. I sprinkle on a little Celtic Salt which contains 72 trace minerals and this is very good for the body. Add any vegetables you might like and roll it up like a rug.

~ Foods to Eliminate for a While ~

Sugar -- Eat less of this.  Sugar is the #1 food for candida, as it feeds the yeast and cancer loves sugar, encouraging its growth. This includes: white sugar, brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, corn syrup, maple sugar, molasses, date sugar, turbinado, raw sugar, demerrara, amisake, rice syrup, sorghum. Hidden Sugars: sucrose, fructose, maltose, lactose, glycogen, glucose, mannitol, sorbitol, galactose, monosaccharides.

If I am going to cheat and eat sugar or coffee, I purchase exactly what I want and enjoy the "...." out of it when I do! 

Fruit -- Including frozen, canned, and dried fruit. Canned and frozen juices are not only sugary, they usually contain mold, because the fruit is very ripe at the time they are packaged.

Yeast containing foods Baker’s yeast, Brewer’s yeast, Engevita, Torula, and any other nutritional yeast. Baked goods raised with yeast such as breads, rolls, crackers, bagels, pastries, and muffins are best to be eliminated.

Vinegar -- Vinegar is made with a yeast culture. White vinegar, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, mayonnaise, commercial salad dressing, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, steak sauce, BBQ sauce, shrimp sauce, soy sauce, mustard, pickles, pickled vegetables, green olives, relishes, horseradish, mincemeat, chili sauce etc.

Mushrooms -- Mushrooms are fungi. I only use the medicinal ones i.e. in the product Host Defense.  This product will help eliminate excess candida from the body as well as boost the immune system booster.

Peanuts - Nearly all peanuts are contaminated with mold, which grows on the peanuts because once picked, they are stored in hot, hot weather. This includes Peanut Butter even if it is organic. Organic  Valencia peanuts from Arrowhead Mills are apparently mold free, although I have not used them. Pistachios also contain mold.

Coffee, Black Tea, Cider, Sodas, Root beer, Beer, Wine and Alohol 

All cheeses, butter and dairy, processed and pickled foods

Additional GOOD Suggestions

*Raw garlic – the juice from the garlic is a natural anti-fungal, antibiotic, antiviral - do not cook the garlic - we add a clove to our juicing drinks - you will not smell like garlic if you put the clove in the juicer.  I sometimes take a clove of garlic, chop it up tiny, smash with a flat knife and swallow this 1/2 way through a meal, to receive the benefits.

*Neprinol - very effective to cleanse the blood of debris, fibrin tissue unclump platalets, and open up the tinies capillaries. This significantly improves the circulation. Vitamins, minerals, stem cells and nourishment can more easily get into all the tissues. This is like roto rooter for the circulatory system.

*Alkalinize your body pH - Yeast infections (candida infections) cannot survive in an alkaline, oxygenated environment. So eating more alkaline foods and drinking alkaline water is super helpful.

Most everything spoken about in this article will be alkalinizing to your body.

*Chlorella, wheatgrass, barley greens and other organic Alkaline green drinks, are good choices. More info pH Balance>>

*Acid / Alkaline - The list can be helpful in choosing foods that are alkaline and those that are acidic.. (acid-alkaline food list...)

*WATER - We distill our water and add in 1 tsp of Concentrace minerals.  The Concentrace Minerals are pH 7.0 which is the same as rainwater. More Info on More Info >>

VEGAN IDEAS - If you prefer vegan food ideas, Raw for 30 Days is an excellent DVD with beautiful recipes.  


If you have read this far, you have a great deal of information to bring your body back in balance.

Here is a link to our shopping cart if you choose to purchase products.

Look under the Candida Category for the products mentioned in this article. 

Product Purchase


Many doctors will tell you to change your diet, which is very helpful – yet a fair amount of practitioners have excess yeast issues themselves and have not trained themselves to eat differently. 

These doctors can help with diagnoses and thank them for that.  The next step is for us to search elsewhere for solutions. Thousands are doing this every year.

I-AmPerfectlyHealthy.com Team
Tucson AZ

I-AM Perfectly Healthy is not intended to substitute for medical advice or treatment. It is recommended that you consult your holistic physician, MD, ND…or a holistic veterinarian for your pets. The information and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical problems. This information is provided for education purposes only - and for the sharing of life experience.

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