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This article is offered to stimulate your thinking so you can understand how you may have manifested diabetes, and some straightforward ideas to turn this diagnosis around. 

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Yes it is fairly simple.

If corn syrup, white flour, white sugar and throw in white potatos along with white rice vanished, the Diabetes 2 epidemic would disappear - and obesity would be dramatically reduced.

Diabetes 2 rarely existed 80 years ago. What has happened? It is slightly different for each person, but for the most part, we have just temporarily lost our way. While eating the Standard American Dead Diet, some of us have become depressed and/or filled our lives with "stuff" and things to do to keep ourselves very busy, and some of us have sat on the couch watching TV, and many of us have just given up. But either way…..

….we have developed habits, mental programming and ways of living, which have created a diabetic lifestyle. This includes eating foods that have no Life in them; have little, if any nutritional value; and we eat more than our bodies require to maintain vibrant health. We do not feel we are worthy of the time it takes to love ourselves enough to purchase and prepare foods that are vibrant and alive.... AND many of us have decided we cannot afford to eat healthy.

It does not matter what your past history is, you can safely and effectively lower your glucose and cholesterol levels, AND at the same time, improve liver, kidney and digestive funcion. As these systems are supported you can then make the necessary lifestyle changes to bring the body back into balance.

Since I was a thin person, I ignored my fatigue and hyperglycemic symptoms. It was more important for me to “look thin” than to be healthy. I was very righteous about eating organic food for many, many years, but I wasn’t eating nutritious food. Since my body was thin on the outside, I did not really worry about the health of my inner terrain – until I was in my 40’s and it was hard to get out of bed.

No one has time to “Do Everything,” and I do not have the perfect diet for you; yet there are many choices within any lifestyle. Your job is to educate yourself, so with a little knowledge and from an informed place you can decide what is in YOUR highest and greatest good. As you continue to learn more, you can do more and make positive changes. 

Nothing here is meant to substitute for medical advice or treatment. Always discuss your health issues with your doctor first, sharing this information as well. Hopefully you have a holistic minded practitioner that is open and enthusiastic towards the changes you want to make.


Why are there so many Type II Diabetes diagnoses? 

The Type II diabetes epidemic is a direct result of the food we eat and beverages we drink. It is that simple.

Most of the food consumed today is comprised of the SADD (standard American dead diet). We only seem to have enough time to purchase fast food, sodas, coffee, pre-packaged, irradiated, frozen items – all "empty" carbohydrates which are void of nutrition. When we arrive home, we pop something into the microwave, or pour something out of a box and drink something from a can or bottle – all because we are too tired to figure out a healthier lifestyle. 

What we need to recognize is that these choices have created huge consequences in our health from making it very difficult for our blood glucose levels to stabilize to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, weakened immune systems, obesity and cancer.

Explanation of Type II Diabetes

It is a little complex to understand, however the following is a very simplistic explanation to cover the basics and not overwhelm anyone. You just need to start where you are, do what you can immediately and learn a little at a time and eventually you can transform your health, week by week and month by month.


Our body is made up of trillions of cells. The condition of our cells determines if we are healthy or not. Minerals are the main building blocks of our cells – minerals nourish our cells. So when we are eating foods that are nutrient dense, energetically Alive, along with high quality supplements our cells will receive what they need to maintain optimum health.

Our cells take in the nutrients from food and convert it to energy. Each cell contains insulin receptors. The glucose produced from the food we eat cannot enter the cell, without the aid of insulin from our pancreas.

After a healthy meal which includes (for the most part) non-animal protein, fat from healthy oils and raw vegetable carbohydrates - the body’s digestive system breaks this food down slowly so it is converted into glucose (blood sugar), which moves into the bloodstream on its way to your cells. 

When this healthy level of glucose moves into the bloodstream, the pancreas then naturally releases a small amount of insulin, which goes to the cell receptor sites to help the cells convert the glucose into energy for the body. Again, when the pancreas releases insulin, the insulin travels in the bloodstream to the cell receptors throughout the body - helping them to absorb the glucose from this meal – which is what gives you energy. 

When we eat unhealthy foods – the SADD (standard American dead diet) blood sugar raising carbohydrates i.e. white flour, white sugar, rice, honey and corn syrup, potato’s, pasta, chips, breads, cereals,  pastries, sodas, etc. – the body RAPIDLY breaks this down into glucose, which rushes into the bloodstream and travels to your cells much too quickly. 

This is a sugar rush.

In a panic the pancreas dumps excess insulin into the bloodstream, rushing to the cell receptors to help them convert the overload of sugar, which it partially does, but soon after the blood sugar plummets again… we then experience fatigue, irritability, depression, shakiness, profuse sweating etc. This is termed hypoglycemia.

At this point most people will crave sweets or bread or cereal and of course this spikes the blood sugar (glucose) back up and the pancreas dumps more insulin into the bloodstream and you know the rest of the story. Over time, the glucose builds up in the blood every time we eat unhealthy foods - because the cells cannot convert and store it and the pancreas cannot keep up with the insulin output. 

Do this for years and years and the blood glucose levels stay high because the cell receptors have become so frequently overloaded with insulin, they no longer absorb glucose properly (insulin resistance) and  begin to malfunction. The pancreas which has been producing more and more insulin, gets worn out, eventually no longer manufacturing enough insulin naturally. 

This is what happens to many of us with chronic fatigue. Not only is the body overloaded with toxins and candida yeast, fungus and mold, the glucose is not getting into the tissues. It accumulates in the bloodstream and does not convert to energy. Our glucose levels are elevated and the glucose can get stored as fat, often around the belly - and remember toxins are stored in fat cells as well.

If our cells are bathed with sugar (glucose) from unhealthy eating, this makes it difficult for vitamins and minerals to enter the cells - and minerals are the building blocks of our cells. Obviously if the food we eat is nutrient depleted, there are not enough nutrients to nourish our body anyway. 

All of the above leads to low white blood cell counts, lowered immune system function, Type II diabetes, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, heart problems, kidney and liver malfunction and the list goes on. Over the years, the liver, kidneys, eyes, heart, blood vessels and nerves can be damaged. We often hear of people losing limbs and their eyesight from advanced diabetes.

However, much can be corrected safely and effectively, as you make the necessary changes.

Optimum blood glucose levels are under 90. I don't believe mine has ever been lower than 85, yet 90 to 92 is what my tests show.

“The Glucose Tolerance Test is a very sensitive test for diabetes. The classic amount is 75 grams of glucose dissolved in 300 ml of water, and if your blood glucose value is 190 to 200 or above two hours later, it is diagnostic of diabetes. Two hours after drinking the glucose, the normal value should be less than 140; anything between 140 and 180 is pre-diabetes…..levels above 180 in the first hour or 200 at the end of the first hour, indicate diabetes. Levels above 140 could also indicate hypoglycemia, depending on the pattern of a full five-hour test….”

There is a Cure for Diabetes, Gabriel Cousens, MD, Tree of Life, Patagonia Arizona

What Can I Do to Turn This Around?

First, you must decide to show up 100% for yourself. You are worth it and you deserve it. 

Here are some of the ideas which can not only reduce your glucose and cholesterol levels, but also detoxify and re-mineralize your cells, support liver and kidney cleansing and detoxification as well as turn a sick body into a healthier one. 

Dr. Gabriel Cousens founder of the Tree of life in Patagonia Arizona, was the stepping stone in my life giving me the information I needed to turn my health around. When he told me I was hypoglycemic, pre- diabetic, with systemic candida albicans and a pre-cancerous liver, I had to pull myself up by the bootstraps, and take a cold hard look at my life. 

I had been addicted to sugary foods for over 35 years accompanied by depression and chronic fatigue – and with all the self pity I felt and in spite of my victimhood, by the grace of God, I climbed my way out of these chronic health issues, made major changes and so I share.

Remember, you do not have to be the sharpest knife in the drawer to figure out an improved way of eating, and you are not 5 cans short of a six pack. Neither am I. Doing what needs to be done is similar to cutting up your charge cards and paying cash. It is simple, but not always easy AT FIRST.

I immediately started with detoxification using supplements to cleanse all the toxins, parasites, candida albicans and cancer cells out. I used multiple products several times per day to jump start the process, changed what I was eating, began daily juicing raw organic vegetables, and over the following 6 months I had dramatic improvement. THE DIABETIC DIAGNOSIS WAS GONE IN LESS THAN 2 MONTHS.

In that first year, I moved away from a lifestyle which had created disease in my body – replacing it with one which supports vibrant health.

Options to Consider

1) MDS Forte - Milagro de la Selva drops – These are liquid drops put into water and taken 30 minutes or so before you eat to assist in lowering your blood glucose. They can actually be taken any time during the day if you forget to take them before eating.

MDS Forte - Kidneys and Liver Enzymes- My young daughter with a digestive disease and serious ulcerative colitis also had dangerously high liver enzymes. She added the MDS Forte drops to her regime every day for a month, and this was a tremendous benefit to bringing the enzyme levels into the normal range. The benefit of these drops on the liver, kidneys and intestinal tract is wonderful.

The MDS Forte has been found clinically and scientifically to reduce the glucose levels significantly, reduce cholesterol, HDL, and stimulate the liver and kidneys to detoxify. According to Dr. Alberto Ruiz, you may notice a positive benefit in lower glucose readings fairly quickly, so check your insulin levels daily.

This combination of organic herbs in the MDS Fote has been extensively studied for toxicity levels by very reputable Universities, like the National University of Costa Rica and famous scientific laboratories like Connexios Life Sciences in Bangalore, India, and US FDA approved laboratories in California; concluding that this combination of herbs is totally non-toxic.

MDS Forte - Milagro de la Selva Tea Article click here

2) Antioxidant Supreme - Supports the blood vessels which may have been damaged from high sugar levels and removes free radicals from the body. Acai Resveratrol Ultimate

3)Detoxification / Internal Cleansing

Just as your car will not run efficiently if you do not change the oil and flush the lines, it is imperataive to flush the organs - digestive tract - and blood pathways in the body of toxins, parasites, and other pathogens. Indigestion, bloating and intestinal distress may be signs of much needed colon cleansing.

There are quite a few products available to detoxify and not one product does everything.

Our page on Detoxification will give you more information in this area.

4)There is a Cure for Diabetes by Gabriel Cousens, MD.

Purchase this book. We do not have to understand everything, or become 100% raw, live food vegans - but there is plenty of information in this book to guide us to turn the diabetes diagnosis around. Applying some of the information within its chapters and incorporating some of their recipes will benefit your health in many ways.

5) Food 

Personally, I have never had much interest in preparing food - I am lazy in that area, yet I eat quite well and simply - because I do not have junk food around to make it easy. Most of the people I know live very full lives, but if you like to prepare recipes, you will appreciate books with raw, live food recipes. Purchase the DVD, Raw for 30 Days which contains many good recipes that are nutrient dense.

Buckwheat hot cereal - just 1/4th a cup can stabilize blood sugar for those of us who are a bit hypoglycemic.

Maryanne's Energizing Morning Drink

I find it to be helpful to start the day giving the body a good high protein, easy to prepare drink.

So many people are protein deficient, in spite of the amount of meat, chicken and fish they eat. This green high energizing protein drink I mix together is approximately 60% protein and the body can store the protein converting it to glucose when needed.

I mix and drink the following because it nourishes my body and is much higher in protein than meat, chicken or fish - which are very acidic and only offer 15% to 17% protein. Meat, chicken and fish are also a lot of work for the liver to process (since they contain no digestive enzymes) making your digestive system work a lot harder. The following items in a blender is a wonderful substitute.

This is not a smoothie and does not taste like one. Some people love how they feel drinking this recipe - others want to complain - because it is not sweet.


I eat higher protein as in spriulina and hemp powder, which you can find on our shopping cart. These are up to 60% protein and contain few calories. The following is something I like to make when eating vegetables. Keep in mind that the sprouted grain tortilla is high in carbs, so only make this once your blood glucose levels are stabilized in the healthy range OR leave out the tortilla.

One Ezekial sprouted grain tortilla
Organic humus
Raw organic vegetables: i.e. collard greens; dandelion greens, kale, zucchini, cabbage, broccoli (choose whatever is in season) which looks alive and vibrant, as if it was just picked.

I spread a little humus on the tortilla, then I mash up 1/2 an avocado and spread this on the tortilla (or you can slice it). I sprinkle on a little Himilayan Crystal Salt, which is the most energetic salt I have found - containing 84 essential trace minerals. (Celtic salt is also excellent.)

I place a collard green leaf, and kale and asparagus or whatever I purchased on top of the humus/avocado, roll it like a rug and eat. Since I have to eat often during the day, I will eat 1/2 the wrap and eat the other half an hour or two later.

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Personally I eat approximately 50% protein a day and about 35% carbs mostly from raw veges, and about 15% fats from from UDO's oil and cacao powder.

Sprouted Nuts and Seeds are Alive, have a high enzyme content, and are super nutritious for your body - eaten with meals or at snack time. You can sprout your own or purchase them at a health food store.

Sprouted Almonds - I take about 1/4th a cup of raw organic almonds and soak them overnight in "quality water" - never tap water. In the morning I throw out the water. I heat up a couple of inches of water on the stove (not tap water). Once the water boils, I turn off the heat. Put the almonds in the water for 20 seconds and again throw out the water. The peelings will now slide off the almonds, which makes them very digestable and they are now Live Food. The almonds can be stored for up to 2 days in the refrigerator.

Mung Beans, Sprouted Seeds, Sprouts - These I purchase at the health food store. Sprouted seeds and beans are also Live Food and full of enzymes, making them very easy for the body to digest, providing excellent nutrition for your cells.

Fruit and Vegetables - I enjoy fruit occasionally, but am aware of the impact they have on my blood glucose levels - so I keep it do a minimum... but you have to Live as well... so I don't feel guilty when I do...!

I do not eat the "perfect diet" however, I daily eat raw organic vegetables in my veggie wrap as written about above, or I put my vegetables in the juicer. The fiber they contain slows down the speed at which the glucose enters the bloodstream, keeping my insulin more even.  

Over time, after replacing the sugary foods with raw vegetables, I acquired somewhat of a taste for them and now I do not mind eating raw vegetables this way.

Once vegetables are cooked there is very little nutritional value in them.

Cholesterol - When we regulary eat meat, chicken and fish as well as dairy and eggs we create higher levels of cholesterol in our blood. Remember these animal products are only between 15% and 17% protein and are very acidic.

Once we switch to a plant based diet - the fiber decreases the cholesterol, and obtaining our protein from spirulina, blue green algae, hemp, sprouted nuts and seeds - the cholesterol naturally drops, blood glucose drops, high blood pressure drops, weight drops off and so forth.


Last of All ~ Microwave - Never use a microwave - Here is Why

Start where you are, making one change at at time. As you know more, you can do more.

Blessings of abundant health ! 

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