Bentonite Clay Benefits
Red Desert® Clay Benefits

Here is the scoop!

Most of the time, people want an edible clay that ~

  • goes into the bloodstream and removes toxins at the cellular level 
  • will deposit minerals at the cellular level
  • helps move calcium into the bones -- high in naturally occurring silica 
  • can be eaten every day
  • can be used both internally and externally

Every clay is unique and every clay has value.

The word "bentonite" can be misleading.  When we choose to eat clay, its good to be aware of this.  Betonite is not a mineral.  It is a nickname given to a sodium based industrial clay mined in Fort Benton Wyoming back in 1920.  A year later this mine closed.  The nickname bentonite has been applied to nearly all clays mined anywhere with a beautiful label attached to the jar, but they can be radically and structurally different.  The word betonite does not give any clear indication of its contents.  Many are sodium based with various elements and tastes acting differently from each other.

With that said, most clays you purchase at a health food store are going to be quite fine to use externally and for the occasional internal use.


Which clay is for me?

The are plenty of clays to choose from.  Determine what your goal is and as you read about each clay see which one feels like a good fit for your needs.

For deep digestive  consider adding Red Desert® edible clay to your regime as it will

  • moves through the bloodstream and to the cells where the toxins accumulate and removes many of them
  • leave behind minerals including naturally occurring silica which helps move calcium into the bones (contains 55.3% silica)

Removing Toxins Internally

with Red Desert® Clay

A unique specific calcium montmorillonite

Particle Size

The particle size of Red Desert clay is what allows it to travel through the bloodstream and to the cells for removing toxins.  Mother Nature knew what she was doing when Red Desert clay (a high grade calcium montmorillonite clay) was deposited in the ground 10 million years ago.  This clay is specifically edible and most particle sizes are between two and three microns.  A hair on one’s head is likely between 50 and 75 microns in diameter, so you can imagine how microscopically tiny each particle is to reach your cells.

Electrical Charge

Every clay has an electrical charge which is the pulling power.  Climate effects and influences this electrical charge.  The reason why the electrical charge in Red Desert clay is much stronger that clays termed "betonite" is there is very little rainfall due to the location where our clay is mined in the hot, dry, arid desert where the conditions exceed 100 degrees regularly.  

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