BP Oil Spill Solution

Fast, Effective Solution to Removing the Oil Spill

Is British Petroleum listening?

There is a straightforward natural method to cleaning the waters of the gulf. I am sure there are a number of natural solutions that are being ignored, which can be successfully applied to the oil spill and reduce the negative impact on our environment and the lives of those who live in the Gulf region.

We have millions of tons of clay available which
will stop the oil from spreading and clean up the ocean.

The Red Desert® clay, aka Ion-Min, spread over the ocean waters in the gulf will naturally absorb the oil and take it to the bottom of the ocean – AT THE SAME TIME nourishing the fish, birds, plant life and restore balance to the sea.

Please watch this video, which explains how the clay can adsorb the oil. If you have any connections to the VP of British Petroleum, please forward this link on. 

Video - Sustainable Plan to the Oil Spill

The solution to the oil spill is available NOW and can have a huge positive impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and their livelihood.

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Ion-min is the raw material used in our Red Desert® Edible clay, super effective for absorbing toxins in the body as well as remineralizing bones.

~ Red Desert® clay for personal use ~

Successfully removes toxins from the body –
heavy metals, mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, chemicals, pesticides, unfriendly bacteria etc.

**Builds bone density
**Dissolving ganglion cysts
**Gum disease – deep dental pockets
**Neutralizes excess stomach acid
**Drug detoxification
**Successfully remineralizing the bones


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