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I lived with chronic acne in my teen years and right on into adulthood.

ANTIBIOTICS - Who knew that taking prescribed antibiotics for 8 years as a teen would break down the immune system. Twenty five years later, suffering from chronic fatigue, I finally got to the root of my serious health problems - a systemic yeast infection had been raging throughout my body – caused from the years of antibiotics and sugary foods I ate.

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Clearing Acne - What works for most people

1) The first thing I did was to remove butter, cheese, milk, ice cream – yes dairy products from my diet for one week. Within a few days, my face began to clear up. I was shocked at how simple that was. (It's amazing how many cases of acne will quickly improve once these items are eliminated.) Continuous use of dairy foods are mucous forming and clog the colon. The first system of elimination is the colon. When the colon is not moving waste smoothly (constipation or sluggish bowels) then the unfriendly bacteria and other toxins are not removed, which means they can be reabsorbed back into the bloodstream.

The second organ of elimination is the skin, which often is where the acne comes into play, as the toxins are attempting to leave the body through the skin.

2) Red Desert® Clay - binds to toxins and mucous (which is unfriendly bacteria) in the body, and provides minerals to the cells. This clay is available in tablet or powder form, both are equally effective.

Consider one teaspoon 2 times a day of powder OR five to six tablets 2 times per day. If you have slow bowels or constipation always add in magnesium, so the bowels will move the toxins out. More info

Apply to the skin as a facial by making mud with the powder. Red Desert Clay® PowderThe powder can be mixed with water and placed on acne (facials or skin paks). Once the clay mud dries, rinse off. The clay has a powerful ionic charge for removing toxins through the skin.

3) Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pills - “When I got off the “pill” at the age of 36 after many years of taking it, I found myself breaking out all over with acne. I never had this problem before, probably because I was on the “pill.” It left me very discouraged. I tried facial scrubs, diets, sweats, and more, but nothing was working for me. I then came across the Red Desert Clay and read about the many benefits. I began to eat it and after about 3 weeks, I noticed my acne was disappearing. One month later, I didn’t have any acne left.”     - R. Lopez, Tucson AZ

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