Acid Reflux & Heartburn

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Once you have checked with your doctor and have been cleared from all serious conditions, ask him/her about how to correct the situation without medications.

HCL and digestive enzymes taken at the “beginning” of each meal will help break down protein, carbohydrates and fats and prevent harmful bacteria from flourishing. This is very important for proper digestion, avoiding leaking gut and to assimilate the vitamins and minerals the body needs. 

Medications – proton pump inhibitors – What do they do? These stop the stomach from naturally producing the much needed HCL (hydrochloric acid) and the necessary enzymes to break down food. Without proper digestion, vitamins and minerals are not readily available for absorption, resulting in vitamin and minerals deficiencies.


It is not necessary that you follow everything below. Just read and see if anything resonates with you and feels doable. Just start there and make changes as you can.

We are not born with acid reflux. These are symptoms that come about as a result of a combination of things; but the majority of these can be reversed in a reasonable period of time with a little knowledge and information. 

We do not have to be perfect and give up all the foods we love but you may want to know some of the foods eaten regularly or in excess that trigger the acid reflux symptoms. 

  • Coffee, sodas, sugar, excess meat, chicken, fish, fast foods, prepackaged processed items - starchy, and/or microwaved food substances etc. These are all on the extra acidic scale. Less of these items – replaced with more of the green drinks and organic produce items along with some fruits are going to reduce the overall acid and create a more alkaline environment in the body.
  • Detoxification – Toxins (chemicals, heavy metals and other pathogens) are acidic and stored in the fat cells of the body. Red Desert Clay and zetox will remove many of these.
  • Helpful - Potent green drink - very alkalizing - very high in nutrients, super easy for the body to absorb and assimilate and easy to make

Minerals are alkaline in their natural form and are the building blocks of our cells. We have trillions of cells in our body making up every tissue from bones to organs. If the cells are nourished with high quality alkaline vitamins and minerals then excess acid leaves the body and we start feeling better. IntraMax , Red Desert clay, Concentrace minerals are all excellent for adding in additional vitamins and minerals. 

  • Celtic salt is the only salt I use. It contains 84 essential naturally occurring minerals and is the GOOD SALT. You can add this to food or put crystals on your tongue, but do not add it to food that is cooking, as heat destroys minerals. We sometimes take a tsp of this salt and add to 8oz of water, stir and drink. The 84 essential minerals contained are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Celtic salt can easily be found at health food stores.


  • By the time we are 30, most of us have depleted the digestive enzymes we were born with and by around 38 we are producing little HCL (hydrchloric acid) when we eat. For those individuals who have been true vegetarians all of their lives, digestive enzymes and HCL do not generally become depleted as compared to those of us who have been eating an animal based diet.

Note: At age 32, I was tested and found to be producing 1% HCL. This happened because in my teen years I went through an anorexia/bulimia phase, which stopped my stomach from producing HCL. When I got over myself back then, my stomach never went back to producing any hydrochloric acid; therefore my stomach did not properly digest food. I did not know this, so as the years went on the lack of digestive enzymes and HCL contributed to a major decline in my physical health, as I was not assimilating or absorbing nutrients.

  • Bulimia / Anorexia - Those who have eating disorders (which was me 35 years ago) will often find they have created a situation which disrupts the stomachs natural production of hydrochloric acid. Even when the crisis is over, the stomach does not automatically begin to produce hydrochloric acid on its own and Betaine HCl is often recommended by a holistic practitioners - taken with every meal. I 've been there so I know this can be turned around.
  • Constipation

    Herbs prescribed by a good Chinese Herbalist can often unclog a digestive tract that is sluggish and then of course adding fibrous foods once things are moving smoothly again will be advantageous.

    Many people find the simplest solution for constipation or sluggish bowels is to take Magnesium powder. The body cannot store magnesium and yet is necessary for more than 300 bodily functions. Magnesium can be taken more than once a day. Many believe that magnesium is more important than calcium because without it calcium cannot be broken down and therefore does not move into to the bones.

    The above will help point you in a direction toward feeling better. So start where you are and just do what feels right for you !

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