"Antioxidant Extreme"

Acai Resveratrol

  • Potent Antioxidant
  • Effective for neutralizing free radicals
  • Preventative damage to blood vessels and cardiovascular health
  • Water and Fat soluble
  • Nutritionally Supports Anti-Aging & Normal Cell Division
  • Whole Food Vegan Extracts

Essential component widely used for
deactivating free radicals

Very effective for neutralizing free radicals which contribute to virtually every disease, degenerative and aging process known, that causes damage to the DNA. 

It also hampers damage to blood vessels caused by Type 2 high blood sugar and as a consequence assists to prevent heart and kidney degeneration.

What are Free Radicals?

Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms with an odd (unpaired) number of electrons and can be formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. They steal electrons from other atoms, including our cells, causing them to die or function poorly – and are damaging to our DNA. This process is called oxidation.

Free radicals are strongly implicated as the cause of many degenerative disorders. Free radicals are created and rapidly proliferate when the body has been under stress from polluted air, and other toxins such as pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, unhealthy foods, emotions etc. They multiply rapidly in the body as they steal electrons from the outer shell of our cells creating more free radicals in the process and so on and so on. The most concerning is that they destroy our DNA. 

Resveratrol - A substance found in the skins of grapes and in certain other plants, fruits and seeds. It is made by various plants to help defend against invading fungi, stress, injury, infection and too much sunlight. It is being studied in the prevention of cancer and heart disease. ...

What are Anti-oxidants?

Antioxidants interact with free radicals and deactivate their effect on healthy cells. Good food sources of anti-oxidants include spinach, broccoli, beef, berries, yeast (particularly Brewer's yeast), and certain organ meats (such as the kidney and heart) – but you would have to eat a significant amount of these foods daily to have enough antioxidants circulating in the body to adequately neutralize free radical activity and deactivate their effect on healthy cells.

Our bodies are designed with a natural ability to scavenge and neutralize free radicals before they attack the cells. However, our exposure to pollutants from air, food and water as well as other environmental factors and their accumulation in the body has generated an excessive production of free radical activity causing the acceleration of tissue damage. This is a major contributing factor in aging, cancer and degenerative disorders. 

Highlights of Acai Resveratrol 

*Potent antioxidant – deactivates the damaging effect of free radicals on
healthy cells i.e. cancer, hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis),
cataract formation and diabetes.

*Scavenges for free radicals in both water and fat tissues

*Easily absorbed and crosses the Blood Brain Barrier

*Boosts glutathione levels in cells – improving the bodies heavy metal
   chelating ability to rid itself of toxins

*Protects the brain from free radical damage

*Plays a critical role in energy production in the cells

*Maintenance of the DNA

When there are adequate levels of antioxidants in the body it can be highly effective for protecting cells from oxidative damage.

Neurological disorders  
Many neurological disorders are characterized by abnormalities in glutathione metabolism and antioxidant defenses. Antioxidants boost the glutathione levels in cells improving the body’s heavy metal chelating ability

Blood Glucose  
In Europe antioxidants have been used for many years in diabetic treatment to speed the removal of glucose from the blood. Check with your doctor and watch your blood sugar level carefully in the event you and your doctor decide that a reduction in insulin is necessary.

Liver Disease 
There have been several case reports in the use of antioxidants in combination with milk thistle and selenium to help treat hepatitis C.

One of the most unique and important qualities of antioxidants is its ability to quench free radicals in both aqueous and lipid environments. This means that the antioxidant activity is working in the extra-cellular fluid and also within the cell. It also has metal chelating ability, helping the body rid itself of accumulated ingested toxins.

By Karen Wright...

“….But free radicals are more like toxic waste. They leak from energy-making organelles called mitochondria; they spew from disease-fighting blood cells. Although cells have built-in mechanisms for cleaning up free radicals, the oxidants ultimately get the upper hand. In the mid-1950s, Denham Harman, a physician and chemist in the Donner Laboratory of medical physics at Berkeley, proposed that the cumulative damage wreaked by free radicals was largely responsible for the aging process. Today his free-radical theory is the most widely accepted model of aging….” 

“…The mitochondria are tiny energy (ATP) producing powerhouses within our cells. Damage to mitochondrial DNA has been shown to be a marker for cancer and is considered a cause of aging. Antioxidants help protect mitochondrial DNA from free radical damage which they are very susceptible to….” (Original quote from The Longevity Clinic)

Acai Resveratrol
is a broad spectrum anti-oxidant which neutralizes and scavenges free radicals. It is well absorbed and distributed throughout the body.

CAUTION: Those under radiation treatment should NOT take mega doses of antioxidants as this may interfere with your medical protocol.

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