ALS, MS and Neurological Disorders

Strategies for Halting the Progression,
Nourishing, Rebuilding and Restoring the Body

Receiving a diagnosis such as ALS or MS brings forth many emotions from anger and fear to despair, sadness and grief.  


You have done nothing wrong. You are not being punished or deficient or flawed or undeserving in any way. Our bodies want to be in balance, and it will seek to do this all the time. Health issues let us know that something wants to be brought into balance. It can be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and so on.

You are important and you are not alone. Many have walked in similar shoes to yours and have found life meaning and purpose and seen a beautiful pattern weave for the good of all.

Our journey here in the physical body can seem long and hard when faced with life challenges. Although I had many years of depression and stress as I worked to heal my body, I always tried to shift my thinking and remind myself of the fact that I am the architect of my thoughts and I do have the power to change my overall mood and thought patterns.

What we are focused on here is to offer support to the physical body to align with you feeling better via detoxification, high vibration foods and supplements to nourish the cells and to repair damaged tissue.


You will learn a tremendous amount about who you truly are from reading the book Love Without End, by Glenda Green. It is enormously helpful in remembering Essence beyond any physical challenge.

Once you are feeling calmer inside, you may find yourself open to strategies and options which have been effective for some with the same diagnosis who have halted the progression of their physical health issue and improved the quality of their life.

There is no success or failure. I believe not one person will leave the planet one minute before they are supposed to. So, as you read the information in the next article, listen to your inner knowing, doing what you can, as you can. Know that all is in Divine Order, even when we do not understand all the "why's". 

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Blessings to you as you manifest abundant health.

While I know many of you have specific medical questions, only qualified experts can advise on individual cases. Use my suggestions to arm yourself with knowledge to discuss with your doctors. The more informed you are, the better questions you will ask of your health care providers. This will help you determine if your doctor is right for you.

The I-AmPerfectlyHealthy Team
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