I-Am Perfectly Healthy

The words “I-AM Perfectly Healthy” spoken 3 times creates a contract within one’s consciousness to manifest the highest potential health possible…. and supports each being to open to their perfect health.

Think the Thoughts
"I-Am Perfectly Healthy"

often throughout the day until it becomes a belief that is true for you.

~ Nothing is More Important Than You Feeling Better ~

Always remember: 

When anyone of us are faced with a health ailment or diagnosis, it is important to remember that we have done nothing wrong. An unwanted health experience is not a consequence of some inherent flaw, something we have earned or deserve, and there is never any good in shame or guilt. This is a new time where we are best honored by letting go of all beliefs, perceptions or judgments that cause us to feel we are lacking or deficient in some way, a failure or undeserving of perfect health.

I-Am Perfectly Healthy focuses on detoxification, repairing and bringing better nourishment to the body.

Some situations require immediate attention and others are less urgent. When I found myself in a serious health crisis 12 years ago, I did not have anything figured out in advance. I just got started with major detoxification, juicing, antioxidants and many detoxification supplements, as well as eating higher quality foods.

Over the months, my body condition improved significantly. I did have to face the depression and self pity and move through this as well. Over time I began to feel a whole heck of a lot better and eventually I was able to hold the belief that I-Am Perfectly Healthy even when my body displays something I don't like.

The physical body is always cleansing, repairing and re-balancing itself the best it can. This is part of being physical which is unique for each person since we all think and feel differently. As the body ages and our thoughts change, we can benefit from support with foods that are vibrant and alive, supplements for repairing, for cleansing unwanted pathogens, and for bringing in vitamins and minerals.

True knowing what is best for us, comes from life experience and intuition. I-Am Perfectly Healthy offers information and education to stimulate thinking so that through our thoughts and life experience, we can have more clarity, focus and understanding of what breaks the body down and how to repair, rebuild and create optimum health, whatever that is for us individually.

Most really desire to feel vibrant and healthy. The journey to creating, manifesting and feeling the energies of “I-Am Perfectly Healthy” is one that is easiest when support is available. You will likely resonate with some of the ideas offered here; but do remember that no one has all the answers.

We are in this life together each with a different story. For me, I walked the path of dis-ease and depression for 35 years and journeyed back to the land of the living, so I know it is possible (with a bit of knowledge, exploration, desire, and support) to reclaim a much better feeling life experience.

This website was started in response to the questions often asked, and to offer support and empowerment for the improvement to the quality of our lives, and those we connect with ~ naturally, effectively and safely.

Whatever your health issue, the intention of I-AM Perfectly Healthy is to provide focus, education and product support for those desiring to feel better than they have ever allowed before.

As you read some of the ideas on this website hopefully you will begin to feel better. From there it will be easier to take the first steps and the feeling better part will begin to positively affect other areas of your life.

Take whatever information resonates with you and discuss this with your healthcare expert. The more informed you are, the better questions you will ask, as you make decisions regarding what are the best avenues to wellness for you.

Remember go easy, easy, easy on yourself. You do not have to have everything perfectly figured out - whatever "perfect" is. If there was one "right way" to go about improving and bringing wellness to the body, all the experts would agree. The best place to be is following your intuition and choosing what you feel will help you.

All the best!

I-AmPerfectlyHealthy Team
Tucson AZ 

I-AM Perfectly Healthy is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. It is recommended that you consult your holistic physician, MD, ND…or a holistic veterinarian for your pets. The information and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical problems. This information is provided for education purposes only - and for the sharing of life experience.