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Nutrition Questions
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Lexi Stead

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Emotional Wellbeing Counselor

Email consultation - $29


The email consultation is for the person who wants immediate suggestions or answers to their nutrition questions, over the convenience of email for the quickest relief...... without having to commit to an in-depth wellness plan. 

Send a brief email with one or two nutrition questions.  What you will receive is one email response containing: 

  • dietary suggestions
  • supplement or herbal suggestions- in the form of products to support your body
  • alternative therapies or lifestyle change suggestions
  • (if applicable) emotional/spiritual connections for the specific condition

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The goal is for everyone to feel better!

If you have interest in Emotional Wellbeing Counseling sessions and how changing your thoughts and beliefs can improve your health and overall outlook on life, please send a quick email to the address below briefly describing your situation. The email goes directly to Lexi Stead at Lexi's Light Holistic Healing.  

Note: please type this address into your e-mail program with the "@" sign in the appropriate place. (Lexislightnutrition {@} gmail.com) The address is posted this way to avoid receiving spam.

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About me

I love being with wildlife. When I'm not working with clients I fly native birds of prey (i.e. hawks, falcons and owls) in the Sonoran Desert, for visitors from around the world, here in Tucson Arizona.

I have enjoyed the flexibility of being a stay at home mama to 2 children, 1 cat, 2 snakes, and 1 tarantula.

I myself have recovered from significant health challenges, which drew me to helping others who desire clarity and support with their health difficulties.  Healing the body at the root comes from awareness of the old belief patterns and emotions from childhood that no longer serve us, yet we still carry and react to as an adult.  Becoming conscious of our thoughts gives us the opportunity to transform our old belief system and frees us up to create the reality we want. I offer Emotional Wellbeing counseling sessions as well as nutritional counseling to clients who are ready to break free from the emotions and beliefs that are causing them to feel stuck in unhealthy patterns or chronic illness.

I attended the Southwest institute of Healing Arts as well as the Energetic Health Institute and received two certifications in holistic nutrition.  I am currently in Functional Nutrition training with Holistic Nutrition Lab. I am also a professional member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.

I use experience and intuition from my journey through severe irritable bowel disease, and all the emotions that go with having a debilitating illness and high stress lifestyle, to gently guide clients to a more hopeful and eventually more joyful life.  When you are aware of your thoughts you can change them which then changes your reality!

PLEASE NOTE: Alexandra "Lexi" Stead is an independent Certified Holistic Nutritionist and not an employee of I-Am Perfectly Healthy. All information submitted through the forms and via email are confidential and go directly to Lexi's Light Holistic Healing.


**Please remember the suggestions given are for educational purposes only.   Always talk with your medical practitioner before making any changes to your health routine.  As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist Lexi answers many questions about what products, supplements or foods you can use to assist your body in healing and she will do her best to point you in a direction to find relief. Lexi is not meant to take the place of your medical practitioner, nor can she diagnose or treat any medical condition.  However, she will make recommendations on how to use any supplements or alternative therapies she suggests.