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I personally had a systemic candida albicans yeast infection for 30 years+ and did not know it was the cause of my chronic fatigue.

What is offered here are successful ideas and products that are a good fit for many desiring to eliminate excess yeast from the body. Some of us have mild infections and others have long term systemic conditions, (such as I had) combined with numerous chronic health issues, but either way removing the excess yeast is fairly straightforward.

The products start working right away. While some will notice relief very quickly, others might find that it takes a little longer if the situation is systemic which was my personal experience. However with desire, product help, some detoxification and a few food changes this can ALL start improving right away.

Eliminating the yeast is very doable with a little support.
Although yeast overgrowth can be tenacious especially when it has entered the bloodstream, you can start eliminating it from the body immediately. It is not that complicated to do.

Approximately 80% of the time yeast infections are due to overgrowth of candida albicans the cause of most symptoms commonly experienced. The rest of the time it is one of the other fungi. Sometimes there is more than one fungi causing the symptoms as in mold in your home; but often once you start clearing the yeast out of the body and replacing the beneficial flora in general, the other fungi and pathogens are reduced as well, because the body overall is stronger and the immune system is perked up. (Always helpful for the entire body to include detoxification ideas alongside of removing the yeast).

Healthcare practitioners can test for yeast. If the problem has been long term or gone systemic (such as my personal experience), it will take a little longer and a little more focus to remove it at the root and to replenish the beneficial intestinal flora.

Products for Removing Candida

Candisol is a POTENT product containing specific yeast eliminating enzymes which will go throughout the body digesting and breaking the yeast down and clearing it out. It starts working immediately. Once symptoms are gone, the general rule is to continue with a maintenance dosage for another 4 to 6 weeks, but always ask your practitioner what they suggest.

What About Probiotics?

Yes, at the same time you will need these as it is imperative to replace the beneficial flora while you are eliminating the excess yeast. Replacing the intestinal flora may take 6 months or so.

It is important that the cultures contained in the probiotics you choose are still viable when purchased, meaning they have not lost too much potency between manufacturing and arriving at your home. There are several very good brands available. Just take the probiotics consistently for many months. We are personally using Syntol since the cultures are protected AND, they contain spore germinating prebiotics, which are delivered directly to the intestinal mucosa whereby they germinate quickly multiplying into the beneficial flora needed to keep the yeast in check and increase our resistance to infection. Syntol is also successful at reducing the excess yeast as it contains yeast cleansing enzymes as well. (I take one capsule every morning for maintenance, although I no longer have candida).

Will Eating Yogurt Help?

Yogurt unpasteurized, organic and raw is a good source of beneficial bacteria. If it is pasteurized (even when organic) then the yogurt has been heated and this destroys the live bacteria.

What Else Can I Do?

Eating foods that are NOT gooey is a good place to start. These would be sugary items, honey, corn syrup, bread, cheese, starchy and processed foods, as gooey foods feed the yeast. There are other ideas of what to eat farther down in this article.

When you can, have your mercury amalgams removed and also take products to remove the mercury and other heavy metals which have bio-accumulated in the body. There are several different theories regarding how mercury and candida interact with each other and it appears that mercury binds to yeast making it difficult to eliminate.

The Red Desert clay and the liquid zeolite are effective and begin working immediately and quickly at removing heavy metals and other toxins. Over the weeks and months the body can become much cleaner internally which is our goal. Eliminating yeast and other toxins can make a huge difference in how we feel.

MINERAL DEFICIENCIES tend to be associated with candida. Your doctor can order a test to measure trace mineral levels; but for all of us minerals are the building blocks of the body. The minerals you need are in lots of foods and supplements, although you will not be able to obtain all the trace minerals from one source. The good news is that you do not have to worry about doing this all perfectly because the body knows how to be well when you point it in the right direction.

The best minerals are those as close to their original source as possible. Personally I do not have an affinity for eating a lot of vegetables, so I don't make myself eat things I do not like; however I do know minerals are important so here is a list of some of the foods in my daily regime to cover the need for minerals.

a. Red Desert Clay, celtic salt or himalayan salt, all which are high in     naturally occurring minerals (I eat the clay and use the salt daily)
b. Blue Green algae, organic spirulina, Pure Synergy Greens
c. Mother Earth Minerals i.e. calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium,        selenium, manganese are the common ones that our body can use.
d. Vegetable juicing or blending raw organic vegetables in a Vita-Mix
e. Eating different raw organic vegetables

What Should I Eat?

At the bottom of this article are good ideas for what to avoid and what to eat. Remember ~

Don't get tripped up trying to BE perfect. Make peace with what you are able to do. Instead of thinking "I can't do this and I can't do that," start asserting thoughts and words such as, I do have this and I can do that and what I am doing is better than I've ever done before, which means I am pointed in a better direction and aligning with wonderful health, and I am getting results.

Alkaline versus acidic foods here.

How Long Will It Take to be Yeast Free?

This all depends on if you have a mild or severe case, what you are eating and drinking and the products you choose to take. When you start with quality products to eliminate the yeast and replenish the beneficial flora -- they start working immediately removing the excess yeast and fungus, AND probably faster than you can ingest gooey foods! Six months is a good average time to turn this completely around for those with a systemic problem.

I lived with systemic candida for over 30 years and did not know it. I was fatigued all the time; drinking coffee and eating chocolate to stay perky so no one would know how awful I felt. I even had a hard time breathing as the candida was in my lungs. That's my old story .... !

Since my fatigue was extreme and the candida infection was quite severe, (I also had a pre-cancerous liver) I chose to take the fastest method possible to turn my situation around. I was very frightened and so I just did the best I could. After 6 months of eating lots of organic produce, nuts, seeds, green drinks, green vegetable juices and using multiple products every day to cleanse yeast and other toxins and replenish vitamins and minerals, I was in a much better place. At that point feeling better, I found it easier to continue eating quality foods. I am drawn, for the most part to foods that are organic, however I do not follow a super strict diet today. We don't need to be perfect, whatever that is, just finding the balance that allows us to feel better is all that is needed.


What Causes The Yeast to Grow out of Control?

~ ANTIBIOTICS / Birth Control Pills ~
~ Steroids ~
Along with Consistent Chlorinated Water ~
and Excess unhealthy foods

These are the main culprits. When you stop them, the excess yeast which has been produced does not just disappear on its own.

When we have taken courses of antibiotics without replenishing the beneficial flora then it is likely the yeast has overpopulated. Steroids impair the immune system and generally causes sugar cravings and thrush (yeast) in the mouth.

Adding in Strong yeast cleansing enzymes and potent probiotics or spore germinating prebiotics, will immediately begin changing the situation in the body. Holistically minded practitioners often recommend higher dosages of products for the first one to three months and then as symptoms improve will suggest a lower dosage or maintenance dosage. Your healthcare expert can help you determine how much product will be beneficial for you.

Detoxifying the body and eating higher quality food is a good idea.

Anti-fungal drugs or herbs ~ we have not found these to be helpful overall. Some drugs are toxic to the liver and sometimes people develop an immunity to herbs or if the issue is severe a different solution is needed.

For many, myself included, the breakdown of the immune system and the reduction in friendly bacteria often happens with the overuse of antibiotics - as children, teenagers and into adulthood. The antibiotics destroy the friendly bacteria, allowing the candida to multiply. Remember most antiobiotics are made from mold and fungi – combined with THE SAD - Standard American Diet - over the years, the candida/yeast, which feeds off of these things, grows abundantly.

I also swam competitively for many years. Chlorinated water combined with frequent antibiotics destroys beneficial bacteria.

If our mothers had chronic yeast issues during pregnancy, then this can be passed onto the baby. By the way, breastfeeding helps to build the immune system and provides beneficial flora to the baby.

It appears that many people who are chronically tired and have low energy, Chronic Fatigue Symptoms, fibromyalgia, cancer and other chronic or serious health issues have a candida / yeast overgrowth as an underlying problem which is overlooked or not addressed properly. In my case, the candida went systemic (breaks through the intestinal lining into the bloodstream), and traveled throughout my body compromising the function of many organs including my lungs, creating numerous symptoms and was the root cause of my chronic fatigue and pre-cancer of the liver.

I had no idea how ill my body was UNTIL I had my blood looked at under a microscope (known as live blood analysis or dark field microscopy) by a very successful and well known holistic medical doctor.

The dark field microscopy revealed that the candida was raging in my digestive system and had spread to my lungs, liver and pancreas, with many infected blood cells and I had a significant level of pre-cancer liver cells, as well as high oxidative stress and the blood platelets were clumping together - so the blood wasn't circulating as it should. This is not as uncommon as people may think.

My blood was like a swamp. To cleanse and improve the flow as well as unclump my platelets, I used specific fibrinolytic enzymes at high dosages initially. This worked very well. Now I take NEPRINOL three to four capsules every am for a maintenance dosage.

Where Do I Start?

Most helpful products which start working immediately to remove the yeast and replace the beneficial flora in the intestines are the Candisol and the Syntol. These begin working immediately. Then focusing on ~

A. Boosting the immune system
B. Detoxifying the body
C. Improving your food choices

Why Do I NEED to boost my Immune System?

When there is excess yeast in the body, there is also excess unfriendly bacteria, fungus, toxins etc. All of this bogs down the immune system function. When you specifically cleanse the body of toxins and yeast, and replace the beneficial flora at the same time, the immune system speeds up its activity and gobbles up the excess yeast, and other toxins at a faster pace. More Info on TOXINS >>

Start Where You Are - And Do What You Can

Here are some suggestions which start working immediately ~

Candisol and Syntol

***Potent, Strong and Effective Enzymes ~
***Physician strength
***If you are sensitive, start with 1/2 dosage.

Candisol - immediately starts breaking down yeast cell walls
Syntol - effectively digests & eliminates yeast and plants probiotic spores into the intenstinal mucosa, to re-establish beneficial flora

Purchase Candida Elimination Combo >>

Candisol ~
Strong POTENT formula - Effective, Safe enzymes specifically formulated to break down the yeast wall. (Stronger than Candex) If you are sensitive, you can start with 1/2 dose and in a few days increase to 4 capsules per day.

Syntol ~
Three to four times as strong as the usual probiotics sold. This fantastic formula utilizes a spore germinating process which delivers probiotic spores rather than living bacteria. These spores then attach themselves to the inside of the intestinal mucosa and begin to germinate rapidly forming the probiotic bacteria.

The Prebiotics included stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial flora. Completely resistant to bodily digestion and pass through the stomach and small intestine to the colon, where they stimulate the growth of probiotics and bifidobateria by fermenting and creating the ideal conditions for microflora colonization. Plus gentle, yeast cleansing ingredients to remove candida yeast that has already attached to the digestive tract.

- This is the highest quality and most effective probiotic and prebiotic we have found, which we personally use. Contains 8 strains of a Spore Germinating Probiotic Blend (13.6 billion CFU's) Plus Digestive Yeast Cleanse.

Red Desert® Clay ~
Super effective for removing toxins - and this indirectly helps the candida to move out of the body. Red Desert edible clay binds to and removes unfriendly bacteria, heavy metals, herbicides, chemicals etc. which are then cleansed out through the elimination system of the body.

This clay will boost the immune system, which will cause the immune system to more quickly gobble up the excess yeast, fungus, viruses, bacteria etc in the body.

Those with yeast/fungal issues have mineral deficiencies. This clay is abundant in minerals easily absorbed by the body to nourish the cells and build bone density. (Used by NASA to reverse the effects of osteoporosis.) Average dosage 1 tsp two times per day or 5 to 6 tablets twice a day.

However you will need more minerals than this. Eating raw blended vegetables, organic nuts and seeds, Himalayan Salt, add Concentrace Minerals to your water, Green foods such as spirulina to your daily regime (most available on our shopping cart) - these things will all help.


Moves into the bloodstream and removes toxins
i.e. heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides) viruses and other pathogens.

Magnesium - Why do we suggest magnesium?

Tremendously helpful for those with constipation or slow/sluggish bowels. One of the biggest mineral deficiencies for people is magnesium. When cleansing the body, it is imperative that the bowels move smoothly and effectively. Magnesium powder has many, many benefits icluding replenishing the body's reserves. More Info >>

Other beneficial suggestions ~

Acai Resveratrol - Potent Antioxidant for neutralizing free radicals. Helpful for the heart and for those with Type 2 blood sugar issues.

Spirulina ~ Pure Synergy, Liquid Blue Green Algae
Nutrient Dense Phytonutrients - I cannot say enough about these three items as major sources of phytonutrients, beta-carotene, chlorophyll etc. These are nutrient dense foods that I mix with water and a few berries every day and drink. MORE INFO >>

GlycoBalance ~ Strong Immune System Booster, reduces candida and much more - a bit pricey, but very good.

Host Defense ~ Excellent Immune System Booster - 17 medicinal mushrooms combined synergistically in one product to effectively boost the immune system. Two capsules 1 to 2 times per day.

Devigest ~ Digestive enzymes specifically helps to break down the protein, carbohydrates and fats so you can properly digest the foods you are eating and to reduce gas and bloating. By the time we are 30 years old we have used up the digestive enzymes we were born with. Two capsules at the beginning of each meal. Contains 180 capsules per bottle.

ParaMax ~ This proprietary blend of herbs is excellent for eliminating parasites, worms and their eggs from the intestines, lungs and blood which has a positive impact on the reduction of candida and overall detoxification.

Celtic Salt ~ We use Celtic Salt as our only salt. This is not the same as table salt, which is dead. Celtic Salt is excellent for providing the body with 72 essential minerals and replaces your common table salt. We often put a few salt crystals straight on our tongue anytime during the day. Do not cook with this salt - but do put it on your food after it is prepared. Heat destroys the minerals.

Celtic salt is easily found at health food stores. Himalayan is also excellent containing 84 essential nutrients, but pricier.

NOTE ~ Refined salt (the white stuff) is pure sodium chloride; chemically cleaned and "enriched" by additives. This is the reason we are told not to eat it. The result of consuming common table salt is the formation of overly acidic edema, or excess fluid in the body tissue, which also contributes to cellulite.


How Long will it take for the yeast
to leave my body?

The products start working immediately. If you also improve your food choices to a more plant based diet with more alkalizing foods in place of processed ones, all will change even faster.

When the immune system function is strong, it will more easily gobble up excess yeast, cancer cells, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

Since Candida was the underlying cause of nearly all of my symptoms, I primarily focused on detoxification of the entire body, with juicing and supplementation multiple times a day for many months. This alone caused my pre-cancerous cells to disappear in 2 months, and the candida to completely turn around in 6 months.

We carry LiverMax and ParaMax as well to further cleanse the body. Do read about what these items do - on the Shopping Cart>>

Juicing ~ will help speed up internal cleansing and improve the alkalizing of the body as well.

Taking supplements all day long, and juicing eating raw vegetables took a fair amount of diligence and time, and I felt sorry for myself. However, I carried on in spite of my "poor me" and have regained my joy, aliveness and purpose for living.

Using the above suggestions
with a multi product aproach, as you ease into the dietary suggestions offered below, can be do-able.

Candida albicans (yeast infections) can initially be tenancious.

We found for our chronic condition, a multi-product approach was most effective, adding in spirulina and a few other simple green foods to speed up our healing.

We cannot detoxify the entire body in a month, but can make a giant step forward. The more you do, the faster your symptoms will clear. If you have heavy metal toxicity i.e. lead, arsenic, or mercury from amalgams, it is extremely important to detoxify these from the body for they weaken the immune system which makes it easier for candida and free radicals to prolificate. (The Red Desert® Clay will be effective in eliminating these pathogens. (You can also use the natural liquid zeolite as well.)

By cleansing the entire body over time, and remineralizing the cells, the immune system funcion will strengthen and more quickly gobble up the over abundant yeast naturally (which is what a healthy immune system is supposed to do).

Since those with yeast infections have mineral deficiencies, we would suggest Red Desert® Clay to re-mineralize cells and remove the candida that is being killed off. Always add in magnesium powder if you have any constipation or sluggish bowels.

Approaching the cleansing from numerous products together which boosts the immune system and eating a high quality diet will speed up the process. This means, eating less animal products, and more alkaline foods such as raw vegetables, organic spirulina and even alkaline water.

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Food Ideas
Your Physical Well-Being

We believe what is most important during this time
of healing your body is to ~

Think the thoughts
"I-Am Perfectly Healthy"
often throughout the day
until it becomes a belief that is true for you.


Do What You Can As You Can. (Food Ideas Down Below.) As you are physically cleaning up your inner body i.e. detoxification and changing what you having been eating to foods that nourish and support healthy cells, remind yourself frequently throughout the day that you are on the right road, pointed in the right direction. I felt like I was lying to myself at first, yet the more I thought these positive words, the truer they became and my consciousness began to shift.

It took me years to figure this part out. After my body was in great condition, I was still not happy, until I was able to shift my thoughts consistently into a more positive place. You will find yourself attracting what you think about and it will change the way you feel, and make your journey a lot easier.

Even though I felt sorry for myself and some days I fell off the wagon, I started again the next day. It took time for me to change my victim story - and give up the self pity - but I kept on as best I could, rested and eventually created a new story of vibrant health.

No one can do this for you. No one bought my groceries and supplements or prepared my juices, but me. I walked through the fear as if it was a thin veil, every day over and over again.

Chronic candida infections and systemic candida usually take a minimum of 4 diligent months to turn around, and in a few more months it can be a memory. Consistency over time with products and diet will have the greatest effect. As the candida is eliminated, you will also have removed many other toxins and the organs in the rest of the body begin to function as nature intended.

My Regime ~ In the beginning I did not know exactly where to start, yet I had a sense that if it was packaged, processed, microwaved or sugary, it probably wasn't in my highest and greatest good to eat. I knew I could not just start eating salads and take a vitamin supplement and expect great results. I had not been healthy for many, many years, and it was going to take a little focus and lifestyle changes to bring my body back into balance.

I listened to my intuition and knew that if what I ate was far removed from nature, it probably was NOT the best thing to eat.

If you prefer vegan food ideas, Raw for 30 Days is an excellent DVD with beautiful recipes and Dr. Gabriel Cousens book Consious Eating contains tremendous depth to bring the body back into a well state.

What I did most days included ~

Juicing twice a day for a long time - no fruit - because fruit contains sugar - but I juiced lots of raw vegetables. Juicing will help flush the body of toxins, and the juice contains a lot of minerals and vitamins which will nourish the cells and alkalinize the body. How and what to juice can be found here: Juicing.

~ Food Ideas ~

I do not have a "perfect diet" for you. Personally I have never enjoyed preparing food... so I eat very simply and boring.

You don't have to become a raw foodist. However, if you want to feel vibrantly Alive, you'll want to eat foods that are vibrant and Alive.

Besides the juicing -

** I daily ate large bowls of raw organic vegetables (whatever was in season) and added avocado and olive oil.

** Raw organic nuts and seeds i.e. almonds, sunflower and pumpkin are excellent choices along with walnuts. They contain good oils as well. Keep the nuts regrigerated. Cashews are not a good idea, since nearly ALL grow mold before they are even packaged.

** Celery with organic almond butter and celtic salt sprinkled on top, is a favorite for me. ** Celtic salt contains 72 minerals essential trace minerals
** Needed to maintain the balance of electrolytes

Refined salt (the white stuff) is pure sodium chloride; chemically cleaned and "enriched" by additives. This is the reason we are told not to eat it. The result of consuming common table salt is the formation of overly acidic edema, or excess fluid in the body tissue,
which also contributes to cellulite.

** Lentils and beans with an onion and a few raw vegetables in the pot. (yes I cooked a little)

Protein- Often I replace animal products with protein from Nutrex Spirulina and Rice protein powder (or even Hemp). The Nutrex spirulina is 60% protein, the rice protein generally is 80%, and the hemp powder is 40% protein. Both Nutrex and Earthrise are good brands when buying spirulina. Spirulina also naturally contains chlorophyll, caretenoids, beta carotene and amino acids. Animal foods are quite acidic and very okay on occasion only contain between 15% and 17% protein. The goal is to alkalinize the body with green foods.

The Nutrex spirulina and Pure Synergy Powder are contained in my energizing morning drink, which allows my energy stay stable for hours. Protein Energizing Drink>>

There is much controversy about eggs, however I eat them usually soft boiled (organic).

My Veggie Wrap

After a while of being sooo good, I created this as a treat, which i eat more frequently now.

One Ezekial sprouted grain tortilla
Organic humus
Raw organic vegetables: i.e. collard greens; dandelion greens, kale, zucchini, cabbage, broccoli (choose whatever is in season) that looks alive and vibrant, as if it was just picked.

You can alternate spouted seeds, beans, and bean pate from the health food store (or something similar) - a couple of added tablespoons is delicious.

I spread a little humus on the tortilla, then I mash up 1/2 an avocado and spread this on the tortilla. I sprinkle on a little Celtic Salt which contains 72 trace minerals and this is very good for the body. Add any vegetables you might like and roll it up like a rug.

~ Foods to Eliminate for a While ~

Sugar -- Sugar is the #1 food for candida, as it feeds the yeast and cancer loves sugar, encouraging its growth. This includes: white sugar, brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, corn syrup, maple sugar, molasses, date sugar, turbinado, raw sugar, demerrara, amisake, rice syrup, sorghum. Hidden Sugars: sucrose, fructose, maltose, lactose, glycogen, glucose, mannitol, sorbitol, galactose, monosaccharides.

Fruit -- Including frozen, canned, and dried fruit. Canned and frozen juices are not only sugary, they usually contain mold, because the fruit is very ripe at the time they are packaged.

Baker’s yeast, Brewer’s yeast, Engevita, Torula, and any other nutritional yeast. Baked goods raised with yeast such as breads, rolls, crackers, bagels, pastries, and muffins are best to be eliminated.

Vinegar -- Vinegar is made with a yeast culture. White vinegar, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, mayonnaise, commercial salad dressing, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, steak sauce, BBQ sauce, shrimp sauce, soy sauce, mustard, pickles, pickled vegetables, green olives, relishes, horseradish, mincemeat, chili sauce etc.

Mushrooms -- Mushrooms are fungi. I only use the medicinal ones i.e. in the product Host Defense - immune system booster. You may want to avoid them initially.

Peanuts - Nearly all peanuts are contaminated with mold, which grows on the peanuts because once picked, they are stored in hot, hot weather. This includes Peanut Butter even if it is organic. Orangic Valencia peanuts from Arrowhead Mills are apparently mold free, although I have not used them. Pistachios also contain mold.

Coffee, Black Tea, Cider, Root beer, Beer, Wine and Alohol this includes decaffeinated coffee and black tea.

All cheeses, butter and dairy, processed and pickled foods

Additional GOOD Suggestions

** Raw garlic – the juice from the garlic is a natural anti-fungal - do not cook the garlic - we add a clove to our juicing drinks - you will not smell like garlic if you put the clove in the juicer.

** Oregano Oil
** Grapefruit Seed Extract

**Hemp seeds/powder - 40% protein and contains wonderful fatty acids for the body - These can be found at the health food store and put in protein shakes/drinks. Hemp protein contains all 21 amino acids.

** Neprinol - very effective to cleanse the blood of debris, fibrin tissue unclump platalets, and open up the tinies capillaries. This significantly improves the circulation. Vitamins, minerals, stem cells and nourishment can more easily get into all the tissues. This is like roto rooter for the circulatory system.

** Alkalinize your body pH - Yeast infections (candida infections) cannot survive in an alkaline, oxygenated environment. So eating more alkaline foods and drinking alkaline water is super helpful.

** Exercise - Jumping on a rebounder trampouline or riding a bike for 5 minutes will bring in oxygen. See if you can get up to 10 minutes 2 times a day. Oxygen and alkalinity destroys candida.

Most everything spoken about in this article will be alkalinizing to your body.

** Chlorella, wheatgrass, barley greens and other organic Alkaline green drinks, are good choices. More info pH Balance>>
** Acid / Alkaline - The list can be helpful in choosing foods that are alkaline and those that are acidic.. (acid-alkaline food list...)

** WATER - We distill our water and add in the Concentrace minerals.

There are two ways to alkalinize your water. Purchase a stainless steel distiller or distilled water from the store. For maybe 2 months add pH booster/with ionic minerals. The Ph Booster will boost your water pH up to 9.5 - which is 500 times greater than 7.0. and is available on our shopping cart.

Only use pH booster for a couple of months and then switch to Concentrace Minerals. The Concentrace Minerals are pH 7.0 which is the same as rainwater. More Info on More Info >>


If you have read this far, you have a great deal of information to bring your body back in balance.

My New Story is, I Feel Really, Really Good, and these thoughts and feelings allow me to maintain
Wonderful Health.

Here is a link to our shopping cart if you choose to purchase products.

Look under the Candida Category for the products mentioned in this article.

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Many doctors will tell you to change your diet, which is very helpful – yet they do not usually have any solutions to eliminate the candida infection in the body. But you can do some of the above steps and become free of yeast infections. I did it and so can you.

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Maryanne and Team
Tucson AZ

I-AM Perfectly Healthy is not intended to substitute for medical advice or treatment. It is recommended that you consult your holistic physician, MD, ND…or a holistic veterinarian for your pets. The information and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical problems. This information is provided for education purposes only - and for the sharing of life experience.

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